Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library Encore No3!

Well folks I think I'm at the end of the line and I'm going out with a bang. It's time for me to really take a break from this... perhaps for good. I've found most of the stuff I've set out to find. It's really starting to sink in that some of this stuff is probably gone forever, unless one happens to be a seriously connected guy. I'm by no means a connected guy so I'm at the mercy of my wallet (in this recession). There is still hope though as companies are re-releasing libraries and classic Italian scores on CD. I spend more time looking for this stuff than actually listening to it, so it's about time I step back and look over my work. Also, it was only possible due to the library and the kungfu communities. I don't exactly have contributors, but I give credit where it's due. What matters is that this stuff will be around for years to come. There are kungfu library fans out there right now who just don't know they're fans yet.

Part 1
Part 2

5 Shaolin Masters
5 Superfighters
5 Venoms
7 Man Army
36th Chamber of Shaolin
Avenging Eagle
Big Brother Cheng
Brave Archer
Challenge of the Gamesters
Fake Ghostcatchers
Fist of the White Lotus
Invincible Shaolin
Judgement of an Assassin
Kid With the Golden Arm
Legend of the Bat
Lost Souls
Naval Commandos
Savage 5
Shanghai 13
Spiritual Boxer
Treasure Hunters
Vengeful Beauty
Young Lovers on Flying Wheels

There's no big difference in file size so download whichever you want first. Just make sure you get them both.

I want to give a hearty thanks to Double O Soul for his Luciani stuff. I never would have found that or have known to look for it on my own. Not to mention it costs way more than I'm willing to pay. It's absolutely essential for the library. Kudos to Your Pal Doug for unknowingly giving me a heads up on some great stuff also... some stuff that was icing on the cake for this last installment. So what's next for Hatembargo? I might have to shift some new gears for the new year.



Well I've been pretty ambitious in tracking certain LPs down and let me tell you... Encore No3 is going to be monumental! Before I get into that, I'll say this. I've since taken care of two of my requests and another two (Zenith and Sept Preludes) were filled a couple of months ago. I got my hands on Episodes From the Bible No2 and it was a tremendous let down! Lame as hell! I hate to get burned like that, but it's all in the game. The first volume was excellent, but this one doesn't measure up in any shape, form, or fashion. So now I'm left hanging on the cliff... Derek Laren made a certain track that is in the same style of a whole SUITE of tracks I've been searching for since day one. So where the hell are they!? Could there be an Episodes From the Bible No3? Did someone copy his style?

I got burnt by Eric Towren so, I'm guessing this is deja vu. Robert Hermel and Eric Towren have done work in the same style so I need to find Laren's successor. The only other guy I can think of is Edouard Michael (14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No1). And this brings me to my next update, I finally got 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No2 (by Trombey). It wasn't all that, but it had what I needed. I was just hoping there would be more of it. 5/14 isn't that bad considering there are LPs where only one track is good. Now for the Shaw fans, these tracks are top notch! You do hear it don't you? Encore No3 will be ready as soon as I receive my next two LPs and I may call it quits after that unless people start selling some better stuff online.

Lastly, I got these above mentioned LPs (Laren/Trombey) from that Japanese site. How? All credit is due to Ooh! Japan. Since they want to be so difficult over there, some people have taken it upon themselves to get in the business of doing what the other guys won't. And that's shipping over seas... for a fee of course. They'll buy the item(s), package, and ship them according to your specifications. It wasn't cheap, I'll admit, but I got what I wanted and that's what matters. The downside is that USPS makes one attempt to deliver "signed confirmation" packages and then they hold them. My express shipping went to waste because they didn't leave a note on my door. Anyway, I'm glad this service was available. Encore No3 will be up in a week or two.


Instrumental Series Vol.3 - Philly Underground

Philly rappers have had a stigma for a while now that they all sound alike. Is that a good or a bad thing? I've always thought it was a compliment that our city has a recognizable style. Naturally every region thinks they're the best and has a preference for its own music. As far as I know, Philly rappers were often overlooked because we didn't have major label influence. It became business as usual for rappers/artists to go the independent route. I don't know how many of our local talents were signed to some sort of deal but they never saw the light of day.

The success stories of the underground are still short lived. "State Property" was "the team to beat" for a few years. Through Rocafella, they spread a lot of our Philly style to New York. New Yorkers then claimed certain things as their own ideas and spread them to the rest of the country. I'm not going to get into that because that's a different discussion. Anyway, ROC put Philly on the map starting with Beanie Sigel back in 99. Over the years we've had a lot of talent and beef seems to bring out the best and worst in everyone.

SP started cooking with gas when they erupted a city wide beef against Major Figgas. SP members literally come from all parts of the city while MF was mostly North Philly... in particular "Erie Ave" (EA and GTown Aves are major arteries in North Philly and have a deep rap history). Their beef spilled out onto the radio Power 99 "Come Up Show" and people throughout the tri-state took notice. Some people would say that since Rocafella was the only group in Philly getting any shine for a while that everybody else was jealous and it made them a target. That's exactly what happened. ROC had to defend from ALL SIDES. The SP vs MF era had a legitimate reason for getting started though, but I'm not going into that either. A new generation of up and comers saw this as their foothold into the underground. Come at whoever is on top. As different rappers got a buzz, some no name guy out of left field would kick dirt on his name and became damn near famous. Every time someone got a buzz, they started a team or formed an alliance. Different teams would beef and hope to blow things so far out of proportion that it would be impossible not to know about it.

The gift and the curse to the Philly underground was Norristown's "Big Star." He had been filming raw talent for years all the way back to the early-mid 90's. One day he got the idea that he could cash in and started making DVDs and they were TOP NOTCH. With one DVD in particular, he changed the game... Ground Zero. Stars were born! Whether any of those guys are still stars now, I don't know. I've severed all ties with mixtapes and rap DVDs. The problem with this is that, Big Star put a lot of effort into his work and it showed. Everybody else started making their own DVDs and rarely did they measure up in terms of talent, quality, availability, and variety. People who were flat out wack were getting filmed just because they knew a guy who knew a guy. There was no distribution. You had to buy them at a handful of spots in the whole city. They lacked menus and extras. The market got flooded with mediocre DVDs filled with endless beef and no name battle rappers. Even those who made a name in battling bought into their own hype and thought they could transition into the industry, but it didn't work out. There's always exceptions to the rule though. Paperchasers' original Bananas DVD was a mess, but it's still one of the hottest Philly DVDs ever.

Some people who I thought were hott at some point: Chic Raw, Kre, Elliot Ness, Cassidy, Ab Liva, Gillie, Hollowman, Spittage, Sandman, Vodka, Sigel, Freeway, Cyssero, Lil' Frank, Sandtana, and Jakk Frost.

The funny thing about Philly is that everybody here raps even if they won't admit it. These instrumentals aren't strictly by Philly artists... not by a longshot. It's just that, they speak to our sound and represent the best of the best beats used in Philly underground mixtapes and DVDs. Some of these weren't used but should have been and 3 others I did myself and I know Philly rappers/fans would LOVE them.

Disc One

01. Smoothe Da Hustler - Broken Language
02. Mobb Deep - Click Click
03. Ram Squad - Ballers
04. Stat Quo - Like Dat
05. Young Gunz - Look in Our Eyes
06. Cam'ron - Just Fire
07. Cassidy - Blood Pressure
08. Diplomats - Somebody Gotta Die Tonight
09. Fat Joe - It's Nothing
10. Juvenile - In My Life
11. Game - Aim Ya Gunz
12. Talib Kweli - Revolution
13. Hrangue - Shaolin Workout
14. Jakk Frost - Crash Da Party
15. M.O.P. - Breaking All the Rules
16. Tragedy Khadafi - Straight Death
17. Young Gunz - Dead or Alive
18. Alchemist - Feel This
19. Notorious B.I.G. - Biggie
20. D12 - How Come
21. Lil' Flip - Package of Power
22. Freeway - All My Life
23. Consequence - Niggaz Get Knocked
24. Lloyd Banks - Banks Workout
25. Cuban Link - Unknown
26. Saigon - Letter P
27. Mobb Deep - Crawling

Disc Two

01. Hrangue - Vicious Cycle
02. LL Cool J - I Shot Ya
03. Cassidy - Can I Talk to You
04. Kanye West - Jesus Walks
05. Alchemist - Thats That
06. Ja Rule - Clap Niggaz
07. Jim Jones - Baby Girl
08. Mack 10 - Wanted
09. Mobb Deep - Clap First
10. Diplomats - What's Really Good
11. The High and Mighty - The Red Light
12. Tragedy Khadafi - Blood Type
13. G-Unit - Gangsta Shit
14. Saigon - The Color Purple
15. State Property - They Know Us
16. Big Noyd - Bang Bang
17. Little Tragedy - Stay Free
18. Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm
19. Elliot Ness - My Hood
20. Papoose - License to Kill
21. Sheek Louch - Red Dot
22. Obie Trice - The Set Up
23. Juelz Santana - Ladies
24. Nas - Ether
25. Hrangue - Spilaphilia

Get it here!

Like Kiss said one time... "We make other niggas beats sound like we paid for 'em." Philly was known for that. That Cuban Link instrumental is one of my faves but I couldn't tell the name of it from looking at the cover way back when. If you know it, drop a line. And you know I'm smellin' my own right?

And kudos to Blog Do Nirso for the 2 tracks I sampled.

Checking ...
Live Links : 0/0


Requests part 3

Okay so last time, I was elated to find a certain LP (largely by accident) which turned out to be a top shelf disque for Shaw. One track in particular sounds too much like a certain other group of tracks to be a coincidence. I ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. Also, it helped me complete my first ENTIRE soundtrack... leaving no stone unturned... which was Avenging Eagle. Naturally, as soon as I get wind of something like this I search immediately. It turned up and I was shocked, I placed my order and the guy didn't have it. I knew it was too good to be true. So here is where you guys come in...

If you or someone you know has Derek Laren's EPISODES FROM THE BIBLE VOLUME 2 - DWLP 3241, we can do business. Notice the pattern. Of course the INACTIVE guy on GEMM with 700 records for sale has this and I can't order from him. Also, my favorite JAPANESE NON-RECORD SELLING TO AMERICANS OR WHOEVER SITE HAS THIS! JUST LIKE THEY HAVE 2 OTHERS I WANT! It would be cool if someone in Japan could scoop these records for me and we could work out a deal. Maybe that's a stretch.

Anyway, it belongs to a suite of similar LPs with similar covers.

Derek Laren - Episodes From the Bible No1
Derek Laren - Episodes From the Bible No2
Edouard Michael - Nathan Le Prophete
??????? and who knows what else?

As always, thanks in advance.


Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library Encore No2!

I assure you this update was definitely worth the wait. I finally found some of my hardest sought cues, but it's never over because there are so many more. Usually what happens when I finish a new volume, is that a few days later I make another major discovery and think, "Wow, this update would have been that much better if only I had waited a few more days." However, that's how new volumes are born so I'm hoping for the best.

Also, here's a bit of advice. I noticed from Encore No1 that people are only downloading 1 part. I'm sure you DL that, realize there's a wait timer and forget about part 2. I advise that everyone who doesn't have an RS account download part 2 first because it's the smaller file and you won't have to wait as long to download again.

Part 1
Part 2 (<-this one first)

2 Champions of Shaolin
3 Evil Masters
5 Shaolin Masters
5 Tough Guys
Avenging Eagle
Black Magic 2
Brave Archer
Death Duel
Invincible Shaolin
Men From the Monastery
Mercenaries From Hong Kong
Ode to Gallantry
Shaolin Avengers
Shaolin Intruders
Shaolin Prince
The Duel
To Kill a Mastermind

I can't take all the credit. Kudos to PLM Blogspot for the Zatoichi stuff, and to Sci Fidelity and Gary for some misc tracks.


Instrumental Series Vol.4 - The Near East Edition

It seemed to be a fad for a while in hip-hop that every artist worth his or her salt had an islamic/arabic/hindu inspired track on their album. I do believe the fad has passed but I could be wrong as I've stopped following hiphop/rap for a few years now. I liked the sound regardless. From a previous post, Alberto Bembo and Blue Marvin's Kamasutra would fit right in.

Instrumental Series Vol.4 - The Near East Edition

01. Remy Martin - Whateva
02. Snoop Dogg - Drop it Like it's Hot Remix
03. Eric Sermon - React
04. Fabolous - Round and Round
05. Peedi Crack - Fall Back
06. Tony Yayo - Love My Style
07. Punjabi MC - Beware of the Boyz
08. 50 Cent - Just a Lil' Bit
09. Noreaga - Oh No
10. Fabolous - Grand Theft Auto
11. Freeway - Flipside
12. Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz - What's That Sound
13. Jay-Z - That Nigga Jigga
14. 50 Cent - Candy Shop
15. Gravediggaz - Night the Earth Cried
16. Styles P - I'm a Ruff Ryder
17. Ghostface - Soul Controller
18. Lights Out - Purple
19. Memphis Bleek - We Ballin'
20. Ms. Jade - Big Head
21. Royce Da 5'9" - Make This Run
22. Fabolous - Why Wouldn't I
23. Noreaga - Superthug
24. Terror Squad - Lean Back
25. Young Buck - Shorty Wanna Ride

I've decided against the Rocafella instrumental edition because it coincides too much with the Philly edition. Maybe I'll think of something else in the mean time. This post somewhat coincides too because Philly has a MAJOR MUSLIM INFLUENCE so most of these tracks are standard affairs for the Philly mixtape scene... especially "Oh No," "We Ballin," and "Lean Back" (I like this one the least though. It's much too commercial for my taste.).


Un Juge Un Elie?

Much respect is due to whoever mixed the track "Un Juge Un Flic" which I had gotten from some polizziotteschi comp. I liked it so much I wanted to find more like it from Du Rififi Au Cine and I actually found the original file before it was edited. I must say, this version was originally called "Un Juge Un Elie" and is MUCH MUCH BETTER. At first I thought it was a typo, but I guess there is a reason behind it and I may never find out. I like Georges Garvarentz's work but this sort of track doesn't define his style and that's really too bad.

I thought it was cut off, but that's really how it sounds. I still have an eye out for the right volume of Du Rififi Au Cine. I've heard No2 and it wasn't on that one.

(original) http://rapidshare.com/files/160968597/Du_rififi___la_t_l__-_27_-_Georges_Garvarentz_-_Un_juge__un_flic..mp3

(remix) http://rapidshare.com/files/160970615/Hrangue_-_Crime_and_Place_for_Everything_-_29_-_Georges_Garvarentz_-_Un_Juge_un_Flic.mp3


Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library Encore No1!

Does this really come as surprise? Deep down inside, you knew it wasn't over. In the meantime I've been ripping and restoring many vinyls. Some of them made the cut in time for their respective movies, but most of them I had done already. Don't sleep on this... 62 files of greatness. And there are a few I just happened to recently ID or find elsewhere.

Encore No1-1
Encore No1-2

2 Champions of Shaolin
3 Evil Masters
5 Element Ninjas
5 Venoms
10 Tigers From Kwangtung
Avenging Eagle
Brave Archer
Chinatown Kid
Crippled Avengers
Duel of the Century
Flag of Iron
Godfather From Canton
Human Lanterns
Invincible Shaolin
Kid With the Golden Arm
Kungfu Instructor
Legend of the Bat
Oily Maniac
Shaolin Intruders
Shaolin Prince

There are some guaranteed favorites in here. Enjoy.


-Chillin' Spree-

It's been a while hasn't it? I'm short on words and long listening this time... easy... listening that is. Enjoy.

Chillin' Spree...


01. Andy Pask & Neal Wilkinson - Big Love A
02. Brian Bennett - Villain
03. Bernard Lubat - Lido
04. Pierre Sellin - Trumpet on the Beach
05. Roy Ayers - Change up the Groove
06. I honestly don't know who's track this is...
[Piero Piccioni - Presi Per Incantamento]
07. Peter Reno - Wharfside
08. Lonnie Liston Smith - Floating Through Space
09. Yutaka - Oriental Express
10. Franco Micalizzi - Sadness Theme 2
11. Johnny Hawksworth - Got to Give in
12. Alan Hawkshaw - Sundown
13. Luciano Michelini - Outtake #8
14. Lee Mason - Love Affair
15. Jean-Pierre Mas - La Boite a Strip
16. Johnny Hawksworth - Teaser One
17. Francis Weyer - No Lady
18. Stelvio Cipriani - Bambole Di Droga
19. Lesiman - Messagio
20. Brian Bennett - Spiv
21. Nick Ingman - Sight and Sound 8A
22. Michael Gonet - Flower Dance
23. Alberto Baldan Bembo - Mubu
24. Lonnie Liston Smith - The Enchantress
25. Keith Mansfield - Warm Glow
26. Johnny Hawksworth - Lifestyle
27. Peter Reno - Big City Story

I didn't forget about those instrumental mixes and I most certainly have something in store for the Shaw fans. Keep it light.

Update: Okay, so thanks to the Franklynot Piccioni thread (Check it out, it's a smooth sound extravaganza!) I know where track 6 came from. I honestly didn't think I would find out this soon. I might have DLed this untagged from somewhere and only kept that track leaving me without an artist or anything to reference. It's called "Presi Per Incantamento" by Piero Piccioni. Very easy listening... this one is. And after listening to the Appassionata OST again, it's foolishness that I ever got rid of it!


Requests part 2

Aside from 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No 2 (Trombey), you guessed it, I need 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No 1 (more Edouard Michael!) And more Eric Towren, Zenith: Music for Space and Oceanographic Science. I'm not asking for a freebie. If you have these I will buy them but don't think you're going to gouge me. Thanks for listening.



The Music of Eric Towren

Eric Towren's style is serious when it comes to drama. Side A is not up his alley. It's lovey dovey type stuff and seems really out of place in contrast to Side B (the real side). Side B is what I was looking for when I got this one. Overall, I was disappointed because it wasn't chock full of uneasy listening but I was still pleased with the offering. His work on certain other LPs is all done in this same style. I wonder why they spread it out?

The macabre, malicious, morbid, Music of Eric Towren.


Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library T-W

And we're done! Now like I was saying, keep an eye out...

The Deadly Knives
The Jade Tiger
The Magic Blade
The Notorious 8
The Shadow Boxer
The Weird Man
Tigress of Shaolin
To Kill a Mastermind
Triple Irons
Water Margin

I hope everybody enjoyed these because I'm really fanatical about compiling. I can't even watch one of these movies for what it is anymore. I pay more attention to the music and sounds than anything else.

Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library S

After this volume, just one more to go and then I have a surprise.

Shaolin Avengers
Shaolin Handlock
Shaolin Intruders
Shaolin Mantis
Shaolin Martial Arts
Shaolin Prince
Shaolin Rescuers
Shaolin Temple
Shaolin vs Wu-tang
Supreme Swordsman
Sword Stained With Royal Blood
Sworsman and the Enchantress

Shaolin rises from the hills!


Requests... eh, who am I to make requests?

Us "Shaolin Men" seem to be a special breed, so it's hard to find people who are good at IDing hard to find Shaw Bros music. Much of it is De Wolfe and misc Morricone. I have my eye on a DWLP by Edouard Michael, it's called DWLP 3056 - Sept Preludes Symphonique. I AM willing to buy this. If you know something about it then hit me up! Also, DWLP - 3171 - The Music of Jack Trombey - 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No2 I'm willing to drop cash on this one too! Aside from De Wolfe (drama and action), I like anything funky (wah-wah, crescendos, and mean baselines, think Puccio Roelens). I don't know if he did another session like Rock Satellite but it was SICK!

And something really obscure, I'm looking for Toei Library stuff from the Japanese 60's TV show "Special Mobile Force" (Tokubestu Kidoutai). Any leads on that would be appreciated.

Kudos to Phylips. Long live PHYLIPS! Here's a reup of the the LP he was kind enough to share.

Pierre Arvay - Images Symphoniques

I don't normally do this, but since I ripped this myself I will this time. In my conquest to acquire Shaw Bros LPs I've come across something requested by someone who's putting in a lot of work... more than anybody I know... it's Phylips of course... so it's the least I can do.

So what about the music? It's mostly suites. The longest track is about 11.5 minutes and it's chock full of Shaw Bros cues. They can be heard in the following movies: Daredevils, Shaolin Mantis, The Weird Man, Swordsman and the Enchantress, and The 5 Superfighters. If you're unfamiliar with Shaw, I would say that this LP is a cross between drama and action (my favorites) with a smidgeon of wild vocals sprinkled in. The bread and butter of it is "La Fete Fantastique" which borders on sinister and mystical strings. You'll like it.

Pierre Arvay - Images Symphoniques

Also, I won't be adding these cues (suites) to the library posts, so Shaw enthusiasts should get them here.


Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library M-MMMmmm...

I've been too busy to finish easy listening 2, but I did manage to finish the "Ms." Kudos to Painted on Silence! Because of Phylips' tremendous drop, I was able to fill in a lot of blanks just in time for the Ms. Also, September marks the 2 year anniversary since I've started compiling. I never would have dreamed I could have found this much. I'm still having trouble finding music from the older Shaw movies, before 1976. I hear that there's some Shaw in the "Toei Music Library" from the 60's...

Magnificent Ruffians
Man of Iron
Marco Polo
Martial Club
Masked Avengers
Men From the Monastery
My Rebellious Son

Don't let the short list fool you. This is not a volume to be missed.


-Crime and Place for Everything-

You already know what mix this is! I'm not even gonna hype it up because it speaks for itself.

Crime and Place for Everything...


01. I Jin Hen - Cliffhanger
02. John Williams - Poseidon Adventure Title
03. Keith Mansfield - Hot Cargo
04. Franco Micalizzi - Ferro E Fuoco
05. Bruno Nicolai - Invasamento
06. Morton Stevens - Chase
07. Alberto Bembo and Blue Marvin - Kamasutra
08. Vladimir Cosma - Vengeance De Kumare
09. Bill Conti - Conquest
10. Franco Micalizzi - Affanno
11. Gianni Ferrio - Fuoco
12. Mikis Theodorakis - Meeting in the Park
13. Reg Tilsley - Counterspy Link I
14. Freedom Power - Freedom Power
15. John Cacavas - Suspense Approach and Landing
16. Luciano Michelini - Outtake No7
17. Francis Lai - Destination Le Havre
18. Brian Bennett - Fast and Furious
19. William Kraft - Grand Central
20. Georges Garvarentz - Diamond Robbery
21. Jack Trombey - Big Project
22. Reg Tilsley - Gun Runner
23. Masamichi Amano - The Inversion
24. Mandingo Orchestra - Kiss of Death
25. Kenneth Essex - Conveyors
26. The Blackbyrds - Riot
27. Franco Micalizzi - Crime on the Move
28. Gianni Ferrio - Oltre Il Confinei
29. Georges Garvarentz - Un Juge Un Flic
30. Bill Conti - Going the Distance
31. Joe Harnell - Incredible Hulk Title
32. Franco Micalizzi - Hospital Sequence
33. Ennio Morricone - Revolver

Even Cap'n Jack Sparrow could bop to "Big Project."


Instrumental Series Vol.5 Smooth Groove

So what happened to volumes 3 and 4? Well, they're not quite ready yet so I moved ahead to this one. I made this mix about a year ago but after moving all the files around and transferring to an external HDD I lost the track list so I had to go dig them up again and see what fit and what didn't. I think there's only like 3 tracks that weren't on the original. This is for the "grown and sexy" and I really don't like that phrase because it's so cliche. I prefer "sophisticated"...

Anyway, I tried to avoid putting R&B on here... 1) because I don't (didn't really) listen to it so I'm not a good authority on that and 2) because if done right, rap can be just as smooth. I did make a few exceptions though. It took me many years to find the beat for "The World is Filled." I got such a rush when I finally found it.

Instrumental Series Vol.5: Smooth Groove

01. Outkast - Liberation
02. LL Cool J - Luv U Better
03. Common - They Say
04. Biggie - The World is Filled
05. Amerie - Why Don't We Fall in Love
06. Nas - It Wasn't You
07. Lloyd Banks - I'm So Fly
08. Beanie Sigel - Don't Stop
09. 2Pac - Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto
10. Bobby Valentino - Slow Down
11. Bone Thugs - Murda Mo
12. Busta Rhymes - New York Shit
13. Jin - I Got a Love
14. Cassidy - So Long
15. Jay-Z - Girls Girls Girls
16. Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push
17. Puff Daddy - Been Around the World
18. TI - Why You Wanna
19. DJ Cruz - Loveland
20. Nas - We Will Survive
21. Snoop Dogg - Beautiful
22. Jay-Z - Excuse Me Miss
23. Erykah Badu - Back in the Day
24. Raekwon - Rainy Dayz Remix
25. Little Brother - Lovin' It
26. Ahmad - Back in the Day Remix

At the moment, I'm working on three editions, "The Near East Edition" (vol.4), Rocafella (vol.3), and the "Philly Underground" (vol.6 double disc gutter edition).


-A Turn for the Worst-

I've been holding out on this one for a while. I've probably dedicated more attention to this mix than any other because I wanted it just right. I got started on it right after 59th & Easy Street so this is the true 3rd volume. Anyway, A Turn for the Worst is uneasy listening... music that you would be hard pressed to find in a library style comp. We've all heard those "halloween" style comps, well this isn't that. It's meant to be more sophisticated... not "it's right behind you" music.

It's hard to choose 5 favorites when I so carefully managed to pick 39 tracks in all. "Mad Max Title" is like gold in Shaw Bros movies. I was in the dorm sleep one day with my TV blasting and I heard the "Shaw Bros" cue on regular TV. I jumped up out of the bed excitedly, but was shocked to find that it wasn't Shaw... it was just Mad Max. Within minutes I had ordered the soundtrack. This was back in 04. That helped spark my interest in IDing cues perhaps from other movies. "Ritorno Di Suoni" has a very subtle creepiness to it. There is a another track on the same OST that sounds like devil himself was laying seige to humanity. It was creepy too, but it was over the top. But this one sounds like a music for an evil genius. "Rite De La Terre" is my namesake's theme from Avenging Eagle. Besides being overly dramatic and uneasy at the same time, it has an asian twist to it. To my surprise it was actually the theme song of a children's TV show called "Time Slip." I could have sworn it was originally scored for Avenging Eagle. I'm also, upset that the quality is lackluster but I take what I can get.

"Kongre" sounds just like some tunes from this old PS1 game that had extraordinary music for a game (Vagrant Story - Hitoshi Sakimoto). To this day, I haven't heard any other game OST up to par. Piccioni's Kongre has a similar sound but it's much better. It's how Vagrant Story could sound if it was redone or remastered... beautifully evil. And last "Violent Payoff (Version 2)" is a fave because it has such an unusual sound. I like that it sounds like all hell just broke loose and then went on about its business. Oh and it's definitely another Shaw Bros cue.

A Turn for the Worst...

01. Sei Ran Hen - Warlord of Corruption
02. Ennio Morricone - Waiting at the Border
03. Susumu Hirasawa - Monster
04. Eric Towren - Eruption
05. Akira Ifukube - Godzilla vs King Ghidora
06. Chumei Watanabe - Sharivan Crash
07. Brian May - Mad Max Title
08. Duel of the Century Intro
09. Masamichi Amano - Phantom Night's Ambition
10. Jim Johnston - Schizophrenic
11. Jun Sunoue - Event Strain
12. Eric Towren - Sinestre
13. Oliver Nelson - It Was You, It Was You
14. Jack Trombey - Spinechiller
15. Vasori - En Pensant A Kafka
16. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Seiin Kishidan
17. Ivor Slaney - Perception in Rhythm
18. Ennio Morricone - Ritorno Di Suoni
19. Takahito Eguchi - Confusion
20. Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra - SFZ OVA Opening
21. Reg Tilsley - Ferocity Fanfare
22. Riz Ortolani - Ossessione
23. Sei Ran Hen - The Evil Dynasty
24. Shunsuke Kikuchi - Unknown DBZ BGM
25. Don Harper - Sinister Stranger
26. Ennio Morricone - Silhouette of Doom
27. Piero Piccioni - Kongre
28. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Chika Bochi
29. Jack Trombey - Red Sequence
30. Bruno Nicolai - Atmosfera Angosciosa
31. Ennio Morricone - Frequenza
32. Ichirou Mizuki - Tokkei Winspector Link
33. Edouard Michael - Rite De La Terre
34. Reg Tilsley - Violent Payoff (Version 2)
35. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Kaigan
36. Setsuo Yamamoto - Despair
37. Riz Ortolani - Adulteress Punishment
38. Motoi Sakuraba - The Ultimate Terror
39. Macabre Outro

The action mix is taking longer than expected to finish. That only means that it'll be better than you expected. Keep an eye out.


Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library A-D

Another 87. Some of the Avenging Eagle cues sound like they were done in the style of "Star Wars." The Brave Archer "themes" were done in the style of "Where Eagles Dare." It's a shame that the incidental stuff isn't really out there. Most of what is... is the funky, goofy, kitsch, band type stuff.

12 Gold Medallions
A Deadly Secret
Abbott of Shaolin
Anonymous Heroes
Avenging Eagle
Bastard Swordsman
Blood Brothers
Boxer From Shantung
Boxer Rebellion
Brave Archer
Brave Archer 2
Brave Archer 3
Challenge of the Masters
Chinatown Kid
Clan of Amazons
Clans of Intrigue
Crippled Avengers

Look for D-H in a few days.


Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library No. 0-10


For the past year and a half I've been compiling Shaw Bros music and cues. Like I said in the last post, even as a child I really had a thing for movie music. I've been watching Shaw Bros since I was in the womb. As time goes on, this music is finally starting to get some of the recognition it deserves. I would never have dreamed that I could have found this stuff. In all, I have about 1.25GB worth so it'll be uploaded in a number of posts. Who would have thought the whole first post would be just numbers? Aside from that, originally I thought Shaw was exclusively De Wolfe but I've found that they would use pretty much whatever sounds good. They've lifted cues from spaghetti westerns, poliziotteschis, 007, american action films, giallos, UK and japanese tv series' and who knows how many other places.

I was listening to any and everything that fell under those categories and I became obsessed. That's also how I got into library besides instrumentals. So I'm not so caught on IDing cues. It's funny that I can look back and see how much "greatness" I've missed because I paid no attention to how good it sounded, I just knew it wasn't a familiar Shaw Bros tune. I'm not listing individual tracks because there are so many. This first part is 87 files alone... so I'll just list the movies. Also, I paid the ID3TAGs no mind. If you really want to know who a certain track is by I may be able to find out. They are strictly listed by filename.

2 Champions of Shaolin
3 Evil Masters
4 Riders
5 Element Ninjas
5 Shaolin Masters
5 Superfighters
5 Venoms
7 Man Army
8 Diagram Polefighter
10 Tigers of Kwangtung

Keep in mind that the quality varies alot. Some of these are original rips, some are streaming rips, some have sounds, and some sound like crap (my earliest ones). With all of that being said, enjoy and feel free to discuss and or contribute tips as to where I can find more. BTW, Yu Xihong (Ironboat) is a name I've used on a number of Shaw Bros/music forums over the years.


Now, this is the real deal... what library music is all about... the incidentals and the underscores. Even as a child I cared more about TV and movie music than any child should have and now it has become a full addiction. I have more or less given up on "normal music." Daydreams are so much better with library. This is thee drama comp. I get my best ideas when I listen to this stuff and it really helps clear my head if I'm troubled. It is mostly library but I've included any and everything else that seemed appropriate (spaghetti westerns, mobster movies, videogame rpgs, anime, poliziotteschi, and giallo). I know drama.

It bothers me that soundtracks have become a lost art. Nowadays the only things that get adequate music treatment are games and anime. I gave up anime about 7 years ago but it has always had undeniably good music. Watch TV or any new movie and the soundtrack is sub-par and or uninteresting (I remember Rush Hour 2 having a really good score). A soundtrack is actually just a bunch of songs. The proper term would actually be "score." IMO, now and then is the difference between library and production music. Those who don't know any better would hear some of this music and think, "Wow this is amazing, what is it from? What? A game? A cartoon? A full scale orchestra just for that?" It would seem that priorities are backwards.

Underscoreology...Beautiful Music 101.

01. Ennio Morricone - Once Upon a Time in America
02. Berto Pisano - Luci Sulla Baia
03. William Kraft - Carlito and Gail
04. Oliver Nelson - The Walk to Court
05. Masamichi Amano - Big Fire Appears
06. Piero Piccioni - Eros
07. Carlo Rustichelli - L'arresto
08. Armando Trovaioli - Disperazione Di Ricordo
09. Patrick Doyle - You Belong to Me Now
10. Gianni Ferrio - Crescendo Trionfale
11. Noriyuki Asakura - Fallen Angel
12. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Chika Kyoukai
13. Reg Tilsley - Extortion I
14. Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra - Big Group Parading Around
15. Stanley Black - Promised Land
16. Reijiro Koroku - War Council
17. Masamichi Amano - GRVII
18. Carlo Rustichelli - Ore Romantiche
19. Riz Ortolani - Dolcissimo Sogno
20. Henry Mancini - Michael's Theme
21. Motoi Sakuraba - Mysterious Dreams
22. Morton Stevens - The Long Wait
23. Reijiro Koroku - Troops Dispatch
24. Masamichi Amano - Dr. Shizuma's Compensation
25. I Jin Hen - Kayura
26. Brian Bennett - High Security
27. Piero Piccioni - Memories
28. Titian - Nazi Fascisti
29. Ennio Morricone - Death Theme
30. John Barry - Soviet Capsule
31. Masamichi Amano - Shizuma's 10th Year Balance Sheet
32. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Staff Roll

And to complement drama, my action mix is well on its way.


No more multilinks...

Shortly after I started this blog Rapidshare upped their limit from 100mb to 200mb. If you've been using RS for any length of time then you know that's fantastic. Here's an updated link for the first mix FMAO. I noticed quite a few people downloaded 59th & Easy Street but only part 1. So I'll keep part 2 around in case any of you decide to finish.


Instrumental Series Vol.2 Ruff Ryderz

No story this time. Back when I did listen to rap, I was very selective and Ruff Ryderz as a whole was among the chosen few groups who I thought were near the top of the totem. After 2005, I completely lost track of their whereabouts. I even heard Kiss signed to the ROC. Oh well.

Instrumental Series Vol.2 Ruff Ryderz

01. Lox - We Are the Streets
02. Jadakiss - Here We Go Again
03. DMX - No Love For Me
04. Sheek Louch - Turn it Up
05. Lox - Streets is Back
06. D-Block - Two Gunz Up
07. Jadakiss - Put Ya Hands Up
08. Styles P - Shots Fired
09. Lox - Breathe Easy
10. DMX - Get it on the Floor
11. Drag-On - Tell Your Friends
12. Jadakiss - Shoot Outs
13. Sheek Louch - Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
14. Eve - Double R What
15. DMX - Pull It
16. Lox - Wild Out
17. Styles P - Gangster and a Gentlemen
18. Jadakiss - Hardcore
19. DMX - Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood
20. Lox - Ride or Die Bitch
21. Jadakiss - We Gon' Make It
22. Jaehood - I am da Streetz
23. DMX - Heat

Other works in progress are rocafella instrumentals and a few themed instrumental compilations. They'll be coming some time next month.

-Particularly Privy-

I should quit after this one right? It really can't get better than this unless I do a best of between all 5 volumes. Maybe I will some time down the line. Anyway, this mix has it all from blaxploitation, to easy listening, to jazz, to bossa, and even hard hitting soundtrack music. I like each and every track [NO FILLERS]. I don't believe in fillers but if I were to make a last minute find I wouldn't want to take off any single track. It's like choosing which of your children lives and dies.

It was hard to narrow it down to 5 faves this time. What tracks 14 and 25 have in common is that they are both made for french porn. "Madame Claude" is actually a "movie" movie but the other one is "Jouissances" and I just love the sound! I have no idea what library it's from. I was fortunate enough to be able to loop a little snippet someone posted up. I bopped to track 26 for a whole month straight on my way to and from classes. It's not quite library but it can be. "Lancet Bossa Nova" sounds like mobster music. I'm sure some older gentlemen can appreciate it. You know? Those type of old guys who don't think they're too old to still whup a young cat. And last but not least. If I didn't know any better, and I really don't, I would say Karl Jenkins is the man! "Fly Me" has such a feel good mood to it and it's still blaxploitational. When I first heard it, the first image that popped in my mind was Will Ferrel and his "whiteboy afro" from that basketball movie (forget the name).


01. Grant Green - Fountain Scene
02. Keith Mansfield - Trucking Company
03. Henry Mancini - Sun Goddess
04. Armando Travaioli - Identikit
05. Karl Jenkins - Panoramica
06. Peter Thomas - Bolero on the Moon Rocks
07. Jack Trombey - Wind in Her Hair
08. Puccio Roelens - Intimate Conversation
09. Lonnie Liston Smith - Visions of a New World (Phase II)
10. Roland Kovac - Autobahn
11. Simon Park - Big Road
12. Pacific Express - Black Fire
13. L. Bergonzi - Missoula
14. Saparto & Daras - Jouissances
15. Reg Tilsley - Big Incentive
16. Piero Piccioni - Love Will Find a Way
17. Serge Gainsbourg - Passage A Tabacco
18. Love Unlimited Orchestra - Strange Games and Things
19. Peter Thomas - Lancet Bossa Nova
20. Steve Gray - Theme From the "Grandfather"
21. Karl Jenkins - Fly Me
22. Armando Travaioli - Theme for a Murder
23. Love Unlimited Orchestra - Makin' Believe That It's You
24. John Cacavas - Airport 1975
25. Serge Gainsbourg - Teleobjectivisme
26. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Beautiful Woman
27. Edd Kalehoff - The Cats

I'm currently compiling my second edition easy listening mix and after that, who knows if I will make any more. I do have a few more drops for the instrumental series so if that's your thing you might want to stick around.


Instrumental Series Vol.1 Wu-Tang

For me... what made the transition possible from rap to library music was instrumentals. I stopped listening to lyrics after a while because there is only so many ways that you can shoot people, only so many ways to cut keys, waste money, and degrade women. I developed a greater appreciation for instruments and it opened some doors. The first rap group I ever seriously listened to was Wu-Tang. I remember being in 5th grade and somebody said "you ever heard of Muffin Man." I said "Who's the Muffin Man." "NO! METHOD MAN!" Oh ok. No. Why? Because he's the best out that's why. He reps Wu-Tang Clan. By the 6th grade I was hooked on Wu-Tang. Even after the downfall of Wu I was a big fan of ODB in retrospect. I still can't believe he's gone. Looking back at some of his work, he really was one of a kind.

On a side note, back in 97 I actually got to meet Raekwon in person at the Philly Wu-Wear Store and I got his autograph. I had him sign a couple of shirts, but they are long gone (that goes for the store too). All that is left is this piece of paper I keep in a dusty frame. I actually saw him again years later (2002?) just around the corner from the original spot. And shame on me I didn't even acknowledge him because I thought he was washed up. I lost my appreciation and forgot where I started. After understanding the ins-and-outs of rap fads all the music I liked at that time has since fallen off. Isn't that interesting? Today, I wouldn't acknowledge those people either...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

...but Wu-Tang really is forever. As a whole they had such a unique gutter sound for the longest time, and that's what puts them in a league of their own. They were the definition of absolute lyricism.

Instrumental Series Vol.1: Wu-Tang

01. Raekwon - Knowledge God
02. Cappadonna - Run
03. Ghostface - Motherless Child
04. Wu-Tang - Older Godz
05. ODB - Recognize
06. Method Man - Dangerous Groundz
07. Wu-Tang - The MGM
08. The GZA - Gold
09. Ghostface - Underwater
10. Wu-Tang - For Heaven's Sake
11. Method Man and Redman - The Riddler
12. Raekwon - Yae Yo
13. ODB - Brooklyn Zoo II
14. Wu-Tang - Cream
15. Ghostface - Daytona 500
16. Method Man - Retro Godfather
17. Wu-Tang - The Projects
18. The GZA - Cold World
19. Raekwon - Heaven and Hell
20. Wu-Tang - Method Man
21. Ghostface - Apollo Kids
22. Method Man - All I Need Remix
23. Wu-Tang - Triumph

One beat that I have never been able to find, but always wanted is "Wu-Tang - A Better Tomorrow." I think I've heard some bad loops but that's about it. You already know there will be more instrumental series' to come so just sit tight.


-Splendid Agenda-

I guess you could say this is my second edition blaxploitation mix. It has a bit of Grand Theft Auto IV Fusion FM influence. I was delighted to see that they basically made what sounds like a library music station. I don't recall there being anything like that in the previous games. If you listened to rap back when it was good then I'm sure you'll notice some familiar tunes in here also. Everybody can enjoy this from the young knucklehead to the oldest of old pop pops. "Finding my Feet" sounds like a pop pop track in particular... this is sunday afternoon music for high waisted shorts, pastel dress socks, loafers, and straw hats!

Volume 4: Splendid Agenda!

01. David McCallum - The Edge
02. Roy Ayers - Ain't No Sunshine
03. Keith Mansfield - High Velocity
04. Alan Parker & Mike Moran - That's What Friends Are For
05. Mandingo Orchestra - The Headhunter
06. Puccio Roelens - Conversation in Three
07. Pierre Arvay - Laughing Violins
08. The Ashantis - Everybody's Groove
09. Ryo Kawasaki - Raisins
10. Edwin Starr - Airport Chase
11. Tower of Power - Soul Vaccination
12. Karl Jenkins - Silver Parallel
13. Aram - La Bossa Des Abasses
14. Francis Lai - Theme D'Anne
15. Steve Gray - Nevada Junction
16. Janko Nilovic - Aerospacial
17. Keith Papworth - Wheel Man
18. Roy Ayers - Funk in the Hole
19. Pleasure - Joyous
20. Mike Moran - El Zoro
21. Sven Libaek - Solar Flares
22. Brian Bennett - Sidetrack
23. Steve Gray - Finding my Feet
24. Alan Tew - The Peterman

Next time I'm crossing the full gamut. Be on the lookout for my last mix of this kind "Particularly Privy." It's far from over though. I have three other mixes in the works... drama, action, and uneasy listening. Stay tuned!

-Get Spiffy-

This time I'm back with my easy listening mix. I originally called it "Get Spiffy and Strut Lightly," but I let a friend of mine hear it and he called it "Get Spiffy" for short and it had a ring to it. "Strut Lightly" is an oldschool haberdashery (read: men's clothes) around my area. Anyway, this mix has it all from electronica, to jazz, to bossa, to just plain ol' beautiful music. You know a track is smooth when you've been listening to it for hours and didn't even notice... for me that track was "Lungo La Costa." It was an excellent last minute find. Do you want to be cool yet sophisticated? Burn it and pop this in.

Volume 3: Get Spiffy

01. Conroy - Opening Theme
02. C. Rae, F. McDonald, & G. Shurry - On Schedule
03. Stefano Torossi - Having Fun
04. Alan Parker - Choctaw
05. Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett - Mon Amour
06. Sven Libaek - Inner Space
07. Simon Park - Border Line
08. C. Rae & F. McDonald - Still Waters
09. Scoen & Cicci Santucci - Lungo La Costa
10. Blackbyrds - Love So Far Away
11. Soft Machine - Travelogy
12. Hank Crawford - I'll Move You No Mountain
13. Roy Ayers - I Did it in Seattle
14. Love Unlimited Orchestra - Midnight and You
15. Stefano Torossi - Running Fast
16. Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love
17. Blackbyrds - Lifestyles
18. Major Symphony - Love That Would Not Die
19. Alan Parker & Williams Parrish - Main Chance
20. The Black Fire - Rush
21. Charles Earland - Incense of Essence
22. Freedom Power - Metropolis Notte
23. Innkeeper - Thankless Outro

Coming up next in just an hour or two is "Splendid Agenda." I REALLY love this one!


-59th & Easy Street-

Every track is a daydream. Sometimes I'm in a high-speed chase... sometimes I just crossed the tracks into wrong part of town... and there's even those times I just feel like stylin' on somebody. Either way, I'm never too far from easy street... 59th & Easy Street that is. This is a blaxploitation mix with some heavy De Wolfe influence. Burn it and put this in. Guaranteed heavy rotation! Who doesn't wanna be in their own movie? I think "Sidewalks of the City" would be most appropriate for a classic blaxploitation movie. When I hear it I vision all sorts of pimps, junkies, hoes, decimated strips, and cars. Sure, that sounds stereotypical, but there's no denying it.

59th and Easy Street!

01. Keith Papworth - Hit Link I
02. Puccio Roelens - A Taste of Repeat
03. Syd Dale - Baseline
04. Alan Parker - Rumpus
05. Alan Hawkshaw - Collect
06. Peter Reno - Barracuda
07. Johnny Pate - Are You Man Enough?
08. Simon Park - Gun Law
09. Dennis Coffey - Black Belt Jones Theme
10. Caravelli - Derniere Turbulence
11. Andre Ceccarelli - Dindou No.1
12. Keith Papworth - Nightraid
13. Isaac Hayes - Pursuit of the Pimpmobile
14. Costy and Janou - Danger
15. Curtis Mayfield - Junkie Chase
16. Blackbyrds - Places and Spaces
17. Reg Tilsley - Warlock
18. Peter Reno - Convoy
19. Keith Papworth - Hard Hitter
20. Puccio Roelens - A Silliness Song
21. Syd Dale - Sidewalks of the City
22. Blackbyrds - Blackbyrds' Theme
23. Rhythm Heritage - S.W.A.T. Theme
24. David Richmond - Brass Bullet
25. Brothers Johnson - Brother Man
26. Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's Dead
27. Willie Hutch - Overture of Foxy Brown

Up next... "Get Spiffy." Not everybody is cut out to be a BAAAAAADD muddasucka so this was made with the "easy listener" in mind. Stay tuned and keep it light...


-For Mackish Affairs Only-

This was my first library compilation from back in '07. I didn't have much at the time, but it was meant to be the best of what I had. As I continued to listen and explore, I found much much better music. I was editing and re-working tracks daily. I thought surely I couldn't do better than this one. Well as it turns out, Volume 1: For Mackish Affairs Only is the first of five and perhaps many more compilations. And for you "smokers" out there, I'm told that is good music to smoke by.

For Mackish Affairs Only!

My top 5 faves, will always be in bold.

01. Paul Kuhn - Gateway to Crime
02. Sidewinder - Stanway's Revenge
03. Alan Parker - Black Pearl
04. Eddie Anderson - Inside You
05. Alberto Baldan Bembo - Tema Di Barbara
06. Alan Hawkshaw - Next Stop L.A.
07. Rhythm Heritage - 3 Days of the Condor
08. Daniel Janin & Son Orchestra - Saramina
09. F. McDonald and C. Rae - Bank Job
10. Blackbyrds - Something Special
11. Alan Parker - Big Apple
12. Don Costa Orchestra - Can You Dig It?
13. Bob James - Westchester Lady
14. Donald Byrd - Onward 'til Morning
15. Carl Staker - The Wild Horse
16. Roy Ayers - Lifeline
17. Johnny Harris - Fragments of Fear
18. Reg Tilsley - Soft Lines
19. Alberto Baldan Bembo - Blue Velvet
20. Puccio Roelens - Northern Lights
21. Fumie Kumatani - Tricky Maze
22. Polish Radio Orchestra - Better Luck Next Time
23. Blackbyrds - All I Ask
24. Peter Reno - Hold Back
25. Freedom Power - Love For Sale
26. Marvin Gaye - Come With Me Angel

Up next is a strictly blaxploitation mix called "Volume 2: 59th & Easy Street." Take it easy...