Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library Encore No3!

Well folks I think I'm at the end of the line and I'm going out with a bang. It's time for me to really take a break from this... perhaps for good. I've found most of the stuff I've set out to find. It's really starting to sink in that some of this stuff is probably gone forever, unless one happens to be a seriously connected guy. I'm by no means a connected guy so I'm at the mercy of my wallet (in this recession). There is still hope though as companies are re-releasing libraries and classic Italian scores on CD. I spend more time looking for this stuff than actually listening to it, so it's about time I step back and look over my work. Also, it was only possible due to the library and the kungfu communities. I don't exactly have contributors, but I give credit where it's due. What matters is that this stuff will be around for years to come. There are kungfu library fans out there right now who just don't know they're fans yet.

Part 1
Part 2

5 Shaolin Masters
5 Superfighters
5 Venoms
7 Man Army
36th Chamber of Shaolin
Avenging Eagle
Big Brother Cheng
Brave Archer
Challenge of the Gamesters
Fake Ghostcatchers
Fist of the White Lotus
Invincible Shaolin
Judgement of an Assassin
Kid With the Golden Arm
Legend of the Bat
Lost Souls
Naval Commandos
Savage 5
Shanghai 13
Spiritual Boxer
Treasure Hunters
Vengeful Beauty
Young Lovers on Flying Wheels

There's no big difference in file size so download whichever you want first. Just make sure you get them both.

I want to give a hearty thanks to Double O Soul for his Luciani stuff. I never would have found that or have known to look for it on my own. Not to mention it costs way more than I'm willing to pay. It's absolutely essential for the library. Kudos to Your Pal Doug for unknowingly giving me a heads up on some great stuff also... some stuff that was icing on the cake for this last installment. So what's next for Hatembargo? I might have to shift some new gears for the new year.


Anonymous said...

this is great, I always wanted that fist of white lotus, it must be off the same album as the Brave archer, was'nt there some of tis music used in Monty pyhton's " Life of brian"?

Hrangue said...

It's possible. I haven't seen it but we can discuss... shoot me an email Hrangue@gmail.com I will say this though, there are more tracks out there done in this same style, but they're on another LP. They popped up in some 80's Shaw movies.

Rick said...

Thanks Hatembargo. I too have been looking for The Brave Archer theme and Fist of the White Lotus.

I'm also a big fan of 36 Chambers. Do you know of any other music from the movie other than the one track you posted in part 1 (I think it was De Wolfe)

Again great work and thanks a bunch.

Hrangue said...

Shoot me an email... Hrangue@gmail.com