Xihong Library - Black Eagle Chik Ming Klaus!

This volume had very little to do with me. Much of it is compiled by the "Black Eagle" ...Chik Ming Klaus (from the German branch of Iron Boat) who also contributed a great deal to the previous volume too. However obscure some of these movies seem, they are indeed Shaw and you may never hear them otherwise. Klaus is a great complement to my efforts. Not to mention, I give the utmost thanks to my Secret Santa for his RCA contributions. The future of Xihong Library has always been uncertain, but this year has been quite productive. Many secrets have been unveiled as of late. The big mystery is still the Japanese stuff. I had a "connect" out there, but haven't heard from him in some time. From what I remember... they're bad about releasing OSTs and they didn't keep library. I hope it's not lost forever.

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As always, I couldn't have imagined a few years ago that it would get this big. I say that almost every time if you've been keeping up with the posts rather than the MF folder. What's exciting about it is that I don't even release a volume until I get tired of it. That's when the search begins for the next.

Here's my new list of requests. The more I hear, the less I know and given what I've heard even I feel like a newborn baby at this... at times. The Italians have fooled me many times over and each time I gain a bit more respect for them.

ARC ALSP 11017 - 1969 - La Conquista Di Luna [Luciano Michelini]

RCA SP 10052 - 197? - Cronache Dal Mondo [Lamartine]
RCA SP 10055 - 197? - Spontaneous [Alessandro Alessandroni]
RCA SP 10056 - 197? - Musica Arcaica [Antonio Riccardo Luciani]
RCA SP 10057 - 1975 - Speciale TG [Giacomo Dell'Orso]
RCA SP 10060 - 1975 - Fluid Trasparency [Henry Simpson And His Orchestra]
RCA SP 10068 - 1977 - Equinox [Gianni Marchetti]

BTW, still missing THAT track... you know... that "one."

-PS- I crack up every time I upload a new volume. Somebody out there is lightning fast in getting the files. That's a real fan I tell you.