Adventures on Ebay!

So I ordered a record and instead of the record being packaged like... a record, it was packaged like a big greeting card. As soon as I saw it I said WTF? Before I even opened it, I could tell the edges had creases. I open it up and the sleeve is right under the paper (envelope). It may as well have been commando. I'm level headed enough not to make a fuss and so I didn't. I left super duper fantastic seller among sellers 1760+ star ebay general Jacquelyn123cat this exact POSITIVE feedback... "The package could have been sturdier. I'm satisfied otherwise thanks." She left me positive feedback, and then everything was fine... until... she decided she wasn't going to take my outrageous fibs lying down. In response she sent me a message (via ebay) asking why I left that comment to imply that I'm somehow defaming her.

With all due respect and courtesy I took some time to make an image that says it all.

Now this is what it looked like before she sent it. And pictured below is what I got. You be the judge.

So I sent her this image in response. Everything on my end is airtight right? Wrong! What I like so much about the internet is that anyone can pretend to be anyone. She pretended to be a truth teller but it didn't quite work out. In response to my carefully constructed image, she told me that she was directed to a poker scam site and that she's reporting me not only to the crowned prince, but also the king of Ebay. And to make sure I get my just desserts she blocked my email so she would be spared from my snappy comebacks, reason, and further damning evidence. She gave no evidence link to said poker scam. This link (my image collage) is from my own server after all. Does this look like poker to you? She tried to attack my credibility by saying that I tried to do this before (TO A LOT OF PEOPLE practically everybody online ssssshhhhhh it's really just 4 people... extra ssssshhhhhh including her) and by that I mean "changing my mind." It's not about changing anything. When my mailman tells me he had to reseal a package and that's why it took so long, I take his word for it because I see this guy every day.

Since I've had 2 of my packages pop open and require resealing, since I've had one record nearly fall out of the mailer when I turned it, AND since I don't like for my records to be packaged like greeting card, I DO give extra attention to how a package is mailed. I certainly won't give a negative rating just for that reason either. I didn't ask anyone for any money back. So what's the fuss?

Here are my 4 victims. Let's see if you can spot them.

This was between us 2 until my email got bounced back. I brushed off this whole incident because It's not that big of a deal to me. It's the principle of being able to take what you dish out. The truth isn't for everybody and that's why she made a wild accusation, then blocked me so I couldn't respond directly, and then supposedly reported me to the Dean of Sellers. Should she find this, she's liable to drop a dime (rat, tattle, tell, snitch) so if my blog comes up missing, you'll know why. At the same time, it's your loss. I sincerely appreciate all comments, but there's quite a bit of leeching going on. That's cool and all because this is the internet and we all do it. But, you won't know what you had til I'm gone, or better yet... what you don't have. I hope you enjoyed reading about this adventure.

P.S. Here's a funny fact she included 2 pieces of copy paper inside the record sleeve also. I've since reunited them with their long lost cousins in my printer.



To all my fellows out there checking for this mix, what's goin on daddy!? For the ladies, and I know you're out there, I'm so glad you could make it! This is how I started out. I didn't mean for Shaw Bros to take over the blog, but there's just so much of it. That doesn't mean majority rules. I can't even call this a mix anymore... IT'S A MENAGERIE NOW! So fellas I want you to get your mouthpiece on deck, pop your collar, lean your seat waaaaaay back, and cock your stingy brim panama so far to the right that you can only see out of one eye... now you're ready for Unravel. And ladies if you catch one of these fellows non-stop boppin, don't break your neck too hard, just be cool about it like you don't even care who concocted such an unbelievably fly ass menagerie... even though... you're just dying to find out.

Summed up in a few words, a lot of funky erotica with just a dash of panache.

I eventually did a back cover (right click and save if you want it) and after all of that fooling around I couldn't match up the colors right. Lol, maybe I shouldn't have. That's Jessica Alba by the way. I'm not really a fan, but it was a beautiful shot. And this one too.

01. Pino Donaggio - Jack Discovers Gunshot
02. Alessandro Alessandroni - Sophisticated
03. Piero Umiliani - Nostalgia
04. Jerry Goldsmith - Disco Strut
05. Jean Pierre Pouret - Introduction of Love
06. Barbara Moore - Go West
07. Frank McDonald & Chris Rae - Soul City Drive
08. Roger Webb - Open Horizon
09. John Tropea - Tambourine
10. Francis Lai - La Peur
11. Les Wanted - Camicas
12. Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson - For Real
13. Herbie Hancock - No Means Yes
14. Ok Ko - From France to Philly and Back
15. Takin' Dictation - Sex Starved Secretaries
16. Smood vs Natascha Grin - Principle of Love
17. Hrangue - And Rightfully So (It's A.R.S.)
18. Keith Mansfield - Good Vibrations
19. Janko Nilovic - Paris Deauville
20. Frank McDonald & Chris Rae - The Jam
21. Kunihiko Murai - Goyokiba's Theme
22. Johnny Scott - Motordown
23. Sakamoto, Evora, & Veloso - E Preciso Perdoar
24. Barbara Moore - Strongarm
25. Jean Pierre Pouret - Pussy Theme
26. Frank McDonald & Chris Rae - Slow Fuse


I have so many favorites in there I didn't even bother this time. Some of these have been chopped to my liking (and presumably yours too) for quality assurance. It took me a whole extra month to get my situation straight, but as a result I kept finding better tracks. It's at full capacity for flyness. It can't take another second of bom-chicka-wow-wow or ficka-ner-nert-nern. I'm good now. Some of this stuff is so funky I can't bop without sticking my tongue out. And what a way to celebrate Hatembargo's one year anniversary! Also, I'm working on a drama and suspense mix now, but again, I'm taking my time.

If not yours, then who else's,



In a very interesting twist, I got 2 of the same rare LP. I gave the dealer the benefit of the doubt and I'm glad I kept my cool. It's not like me to slander anyone anyway I'm glad I was patient and didn't kick dirt on his name despite my coincidence. Unbelievably, both LPs arrived at the same time. The first took a month because the parcel came apart in transit and had to be resealed at the post office. I thought it was already on its way back to where it came from. Even more interestingly enough, I just had this happen to another LP of mine last week. What're the odds of it happening twice in a row? The other LP took just 3 days. I worked out a deal with the seller before anyone placed a bid and I thank him for accepting my proposition. You'll have to forgive me for being greedy (Ebay), but I will sell one or maybe both of them some time.

I'm contemplating whether I should create an online storefront and use Paypal or if I should sell on Ebay. I don't really like auctions (for selling) despite only having lost twice. I'm not really a dealer but I have quite a few LPs to unload for one reason or another. Most of my stuff that I'm willing to sell is already listed on Ebay anyway. I don't really believe in price fixing either, but I would like to turn some sort of profit. I'll see.


Have I been had?

I've delayed my mix for quite a while because I've been waiting on one record. 17 days ago I paid for it. I don't want to say what it is because the competition to get it may be even more fierce if it ends up getting re-listed. This bidding was crazy already. I'm suspicious though that there may be some foul play involved. The dealer had a 100% Ebay rating (with a brief history) 2 weeks ago, but now his rating has dropped almost 20% with 3 consecutive bad ratings that fall within the time frame I ordered my record. I asked the people who left the ratings what their experiences have been with this guy. I'm awaiting responses. He was quick to respond when I had questions but now that the money is spent he's quiet. I always wonder, when people disappear like that from Ebay... if they aren't a scammer if maybe they're in jail. Anyway, I had extremely high expectations and would simply like the record, despite spending A LOT of money on it. I only intended to include one track for the comp. I'll keep you all posted. Wish me the best because I'm sure this is funny business.

One guy got back to me right as I finished this post and he told me I'm the second person to ask him about this dealer so I guess this record won't be coming. Never in my life would I have dreamed of spending so much money on a record and then come to find out I've been duped. If it does come out that this guy is a scammer, I'll have no problem letting you all know who it is. If you really want to know, shoot me an email Hrangue@gmail.com.

Breaking news! The record has re-emerged so maybe it's not as rare as I thought but I must have it. I'm gonna go hard on the bidding.