Added 25 Philly Underground Mixtapes...

I wanted to put up some local mixes way back, but uploading was a pain. Now that I've switched ISPs and it finally works how it supposed to I got that stuff upped. I have much more. Here's who's included in this update...

Sandman (w/ Cannon Clique)
Lil Chick
Big Star (2 Raw for the Streets)
Chic Raw
Joey Jihad
Meek Millz
Kre Forch
Scrap Metal
Lil Frank

And there are a few with various artists. I have so much stuff on CD that I'll be getting rid of soon. Some of it I'll rip and add to the RS FOLDER. I have plenty of classics from people such as: Jakk Frost, State Property, Crime Family, Nina Ross, Last Donna, Mackie (Red), Elliot Ness, and more. Plus I need space. All of this stuff is getting deleted off my HD. You better get what you can get while you can get it. Check back!


I'm ruined for the time being...

I recently switched ISPs to (Clear) and it was great at first, but after a while it turned to crap. I did everything I could do to make sure the problem wasn't on my end and eventually I did too much. I keep 90% of my files in desktop folders and after fooling around with my registry my documents and desktop disappeared. I searched and found them in a temporary folder. I then copied them to where they are supposed to be and after restarting they're all gone. All that remains is shortcuts.

My system restore wasn't set like I thought it was. So I tried a recovery program and while it works... the most important stuff... my most recent stuff is corrupted or unrecoverable. I spent a lot of time working on vector art and a major project I was doing between my fall and spring semesters has been cut in half. I've lost 50-60 hours of work.

As far as my music and the blog. I was working on a game mix with avid reader DJ Mike and just as I was wrapping up my half of the project this happens. Nearly all of my files are corrupt and most of his. On the plus side, I can get them all back, but I think people underestimate how much time goes into this. Compiling, EQing, tagging, uploading, and actually posting. And this mix is over 60 files (double disc). I wasn't in a hurry to release it, but now it will definitely take a while to get things back in order. I even got some new library tracks which are now mostly corrupt.

My semester starts tomorrow and I really won't have time to get back in the swing of the things like I want (re-rip/download, re-eq, re-tag, etc.) . I have 1000's of files to browse though and decide what to salvage as I don't have space to just copy it all on an external HD. I'm still trying to find out if there's a way to either repair the files or to back track. It's very annoying that in addition to my recent files being harmed, many old and random files were effected too.

I don't even want to look at this computer right now. It's like my child. I'm not mad, but I'm really disappointed.


Sophisticated Sounds for Partays Soirees and Shindigs

As you can see, I took off December. I was going to drop a mix, but I never got around to it. Today is New Year's... Happy New Years! So for the new year I figured I'd start off with a mix of a different kind. My last comp was a potpourri of library, samba, ost, and easy listening. This time I made it much more vocal. It's a blend of house, lounge, fusion, samba, and again... easy listening. There's something in here for every one sensible.

Sophisticated Sounds for Partays Soirees and Shindigs...


01. Freddy Gigele - Titel, Thesen, Temperamente
02. Les Gammas - Afternoon at Rossi's
03. Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy
04. Sidewinder - Afro Life
05. Tabitha Fair and Todd Cooper - Fly in the Freedom
06. Waiwan - Goddess
07. Kim Hoorweg - Never Again
08. Rosalia De Souza - Saudosismo
09. Quant - Stimulus
10. Ilya - Bellissimo
11. Hideki Okugawa - Twilight
12. Azymuth - Face De Conta
13. P'taah - Hold You Close
14. Jean Pierre Sabar - Vai Vai
15. Qalo Mota - Heartbeat
16. Jamiroquai - Digeridoo
17. Yutaka - Evening Star
18. Sade - Paradise

If you're a young person and want to impress your parents (or maybe your significant other's parents) with your budding maturity, this wordly mix is for you. I'm starting to take a liking to this sort of music, if you have recommendations let me know. Mike has been in my ear for a little while and I thank him. More library, more soul, and more instrumentals to come!