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I was looking for an OST called "Soul Ecstasy" and I happened to find it at Funkytown Disco Music Blogspot. Like I said in the Cbox I doubt I can make another hot funky mix, but if I find something I'll be sure to steer you in the right direction. I haven't fully explored the blog, but they must be doing something right seeing as though they have almost 70 followers. Excuse my ignorance if you already know about this place. Also, they use a paid click link protector but the host is rapidshare. Just be careful if you don't have any sort of popup/script blockers.

The OST itself has 5 serious boppers on it one being the title track which is also offered in instrumental form. The rest depends on your taste. Anyway, check it out!

As for me, I'm working on Underscoreology No2 and a soulful vocal comp. They're coming as soon as I can wrap them up. Thanks for stopping by.


Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library Encore No5!

I'm back with some more. The search isn't as productive as it used to be, but this isn't a race right? Most of this I just had lying around. As always though, there's some stuff you've been waiting to hear, you just didn't know it yet. There's a track called "Legend of the Fox - Heir Apparent" and it's almost too cool for the movie. It's a DVD rip instead of an original. For those of you who have been staying up to date, I think this is from the same LP as "Heroes Shed no Tears - Sima Choaqun" (give that a listen and compare). Both are hot tracks! I don't really have much else to say. Enjoy and drop some leads if you have them.

Encore No5-1
Encore No5-2

36th Chamber of Shaolin
8 Diagram Polefighter
Big Bad Sis
Brave Archer 2
Convict Killer
Disciples of the 36th Chamber
Flag of Iron
Godfather From Canton
Heaven and Hell
Kid From Kwangtung
Lady Assassin
Legend of the Fox
Mercenaries From Hong Kong
New Tales of the Flying Fox
Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman
Shaolin Handlock
Shaolin Mantis
Shaolin vs Wutang
Supreme Swordsman
Tales of a Eunuch
The Duel
The Lady Professional
The Murder Plot
The Weird Man

Kudos to Breakfirst for Victorian Mystery, to Library Music Rarities for the Paul Lewis stuff, and special thanks to Mr. Wong for contributing Eveil A L'Aube. It might be next year before I manage to get this many tracks again.


Intrigue Betrayal and Espionage

I've been sitting on this one for a little while and finally decided to wrap it up. I have only a few more projects after this and then I'll be going on hiatus. The first track "The Chase" was used on one of my local channels for an intro to late night movies back in the 80's. I was shocked to find it. Otherwise, there's some hard hitting military themes, some uneasy listening, cool spy music, and some suspense mixed in.

Intrigue Betrayal and Espionage

01. Dominic Fontiere - The Chase
02. Elmer Bernstein - Moving Out
03. John Leach - Network
04. Paul Lewis - Modern Mystery Underscore No4
05. Anthony Hobson - Advance
06. Riz Ortolani - Il Forte
07. Nick Ingman - Sight and Sound 7A
08. Ennio Morricone - Slogan
09. Osamu Totsuka - Kesshi Iki Youjakai
10. Masaharu Iwata - Kourin
11. Mandingo Orchestra - Snake Pit
12. Patrice Sciortino - Geant
13. Shunsuke Kikuchi - Kaibutsu Freeza vs Densetsu no Super Saiyajin
14. Sei Ikeno - Creating an Alibi
15. Franco Micalizzi - Istantanea Di Una Rapina
16. Anton Webern - Five Piece for Orchestra
17. Pierre Arvay - Modernization
18. Riz Ortolani - Azione Bellica
19. Carlo Savina - Tema Teso
20. Jack Trombey - Guerilla
21. The London Symphony Orchestra - Ransom Part 2
22. Masashi Hamauzu - Untergrund
23. Anthony Hobson - War
24. Herbie Hancock - Death Wish Main Title
25. Osamu Totsuka - Youja
26. Reg Tilsley - Influx
27. Jack Trombey - Fanfare Showcase No32
28. Masaharu Iwata - The Pervert
29. Stanley Black - Berlin Wall
30. Noriyuki Asakura - The Last Wolf Suite

Track 13 is really something! It has everything all in one suite. I've included a couple of Shaw Bros tracks too because they fit so well, and because not everyone comes here specifically for that purpose. That doesn't mean they should miss out.