-Get Spiffy-

This time I'm back with my easy listening mix. I originally called it "Get Spiffy and Strut Lightly," but I let a friend of mine hear it and he called it "Get Spiffy" for short and it had a ring to it. "Strut Lightly" is an oldschool haberdashery (read: men's clothes) around my area. Anyway, this mix has it all from electronica, to jazz, to bossa, to just plain ol' beautiful music. You know a track is smooth when you've been listening to it for hours and didn't even notice... for me that track was "Lungo La Costa." It was an excellent last minute find. Do you want to be cool yet sophisticated? Burn it and pop this in.

Volume 3: Get Spiffy

01. Conroy - Opening Theme
02. C. Rae, F. McDonald, & G. Shurry - On Schedule
03. Stefano Torossi - Having Fun
04. Alan Parker - Choctaw
05. Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett - Mon Amour
06. Sven Libaek - Inner Space
07. Simon Park - Border Line
08. C. Rae & F. McDonald - Still Waters
09. Scoen & Cicci Santucci - Lungo La Costa
10. Blackbyrds - Love So Far Away
11. Soft Machine - Travelogy
12. Hank Crawford - I'll Move You No Mountain
13. Roy Ayers - I Did it in Seattle
14. Love Unlimited Orchestra - Midnight and You
15. Stefano Torossi - Running Fast
16. Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love
17. Blackbyrds - Lifestyles
18. Major Symphony - Love That Would Not Die
19. Alan Parker & Williams Parrish - Main Chance
20. The Black Fire - Rush
21. Charles Earland - Incense of Essence
22. Freedom Power - Metropolis Notte
23. Innkeeper - Thankless Outro

Coming up next in just an hour or two is "Splendid Agenda." I REALLY love this one!

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