Illustrations No9 - 1970


When I first heard the full versions of these tracks outside of the kungfu snippets I was used to, I really wasn't sure what to think. After developing an acquired taste for avant garde concrete jazz I have to say... this is very cool stuff. Pierre Arvay is one of the best to have ever done it.

Industrial Complex - 1969


At first I tried to get this LP from a guy on GEMM and I asked him if he could watch a youtube clip and tell me if the music was on there. (this track "Recoil" was supposed to be comped on Kungfu Super Sounds and they somehow switched it with a wack track.) He said he watched it and it wasn't on there. You lazy liar you... I had someone do the same exact thing with "The Music of Stanley Black." The exact track I wanted was on there and they said it wasn't supposedly after hearing a clip. Is it really too much to ask? Are you trying to make money or not? I've had people flat out ignore me too. The worst was when someone accused me of being a casino spammer.

This one is a bit more edgier than Industrial Project. The styles are similar (most were at the time).


Industrial Project - 1965

These tracks are a bit light for my taste. The one "serious" one wasn't even used in a Shaw Bros flick. It should have been! Otherwise, there's some good (old school) title music on here.


14 Pictorial Sketches For Orchestra No2 - 1971

I've had more people ask me about/for this LP than any other and it pops up in my track stats all the time. Well, here it is. If you've been with me all along, you should remember the hassle I went through to get this record. More to come...