Instrumental Series Vol.4 - The Near East Edition

It seemed to be a fad for a while in hip-hop that every artist worth his or her salt had an islamic/arabic/hindu inspired track on their album. I do believe the fad has passed but I could be wrong as I've stopped following hiphop/rap for a few years now. I liked the sound regardless. From a previous post, Alberto Bembo and Blue Marvin's Kamasutra would fit right in.

Instrumental Series Vol.4 - The Near East Edition

01. Remy Martin - Whateva
02. Snoop Dogg - Drop it Like it's Hot Remix
03. Eric Sermon - React
04. Fabolous - Round and Round
05. Peedi Crack - Fall Back
06. Tony Yayo - Love My Style
07. Punjabi MC - Beware of the Boyz
08. 50 Cent - Just a Lil' Bit
09. Noreaga - Oh No
10. Fabolous - Grand Theft Auto
11. Freeway - Flipside
12. Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz - What's That Sound
13. Jay-Z - That Nigga Jigga
14. 50 Cent - Candy Shop
15. Gravediggaz - Night the Earth Cried
16. Styles P - I'm a Ruff Ryder
17. Ghostface - Soul Controller
18. Lights Out - Purple
19. Memphis Bleek - We Ballin'
20. Ms. Jade - Big Head
21. Royce Da 5'9" - Make This Run
22. Fabolous - Why Wouldn't I
23. Noreaga - Superthug
24. Terror Squad - Lean Back
25. Young Buck - Shorty Wanna Ride

I've decided against the Rocafella instrumental edition because it coincides too much with the Philly edition. Maybe I'll think of something else in the mean time. This post somewhat coincides too because Philly has a MAJOR MUSLIM INFLUENCE so most of these tracks are standard affairs for the Philly mixtape scene... especially "Oh No," "We Ballin," and "Lean Back" (I like this one the least though. It's much too commercial for my taste.).


Soulfinga said...

hey man, much respect and a pocket full of thx to you ... dope selections of music!!! one question, how can i get the mp3 that´s in your player (invincible shaolin). i downloaded your shaw brother packages but this wasn´t included, am i right?!?! would be great to get this track ... let me know if it´s possible ok?

cheerz and stay blessed


Hrangue said...

Thanks man. That's one of the main tracks I've been looking for all along. I've bought a few lame LPs trying to find it. There's alot of homework to be done in IDing and making the right buys. It'll be included in Encore No2. I'm waiting on 3 LPs to come in the mail by the end of next week.

...but I can mail you the link. Hit me @ Hrangue@gmail.com