Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library M-MMMmmm...

I've been too busy to finish easy listening 2, but I did manage to finish the "Ms." Kudos to Painted on Silence! Because of Phylips' tremendous drop, I was able to fill in a lot of blanks just in time for the Ms. Also, September marks the 2 year anniversary since I've started compiling. I never would have dreamed I could have found this much. I'm still having trouble finding music from the older Shaw movies, before 1976. I hear that there's some Shaw in the "Toei Music Library" from the 60's...

Magnificent Ruffians
Man of Iron
Marco Polo
Martial Club
Masked Avengers
Men From the Monastery
My Rebellious Son

Don't let the short list fool you. This is not a volume to be missed.

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