I don't ask for much. I understand that some of these records out here have quite a bounty on them so I don't believe in going around just asking for all the best stuff out. I got killed by an auction sniper this morning. I'm not mad. It's all in the game. That's my plight of bidding USD against GBP. I've CRUSHED many a bidder, but I go back to school this week (today actually) and can't afford to gamble those necessary funds like I normally would.

A record that I'm sure has some good Shaw Bros sounds has fallen by the way side. I've been looking for it about a year and even before that I'd never seen it listed. I'm talking about...


AND (more recently)


I'm iffy about the second one. I've passed it up 2 or 3 times, but it wasn't until recently that I saw a back cover. Otherwise, I'm waiting for one more record to come in the mail and then the Xihong finale goes up. If you'd like to help me out please do so... ASAP! Should you come along later it's still appreciated. Thank you.

Hrangue@gmail Hit me up.


Embargo - 1968


Actually, I Lovembargo. "Accidrame" especially.


Philosophale - 1968


If I had to rename this one I'd call it "Fodder for Witchdoctors." When I listen I picture everything from cooking bodies, to creepy sideshows, to torture devices, to long and grimy haunted hallways. I love it! A xylophone never sounded so good. Almost exactly a year ago I used one of these tracks (my favorite... Geant) on a past comp... Intrigue Betrayal and Espionage.

Overall, Philospohale belongs to what I consider "the alternate group" on the Sylvester label. Just like how DW had composers who always worked together (Tilsley, Trombey, Papworth, Reno, Arvay, Laren, Towren, Slaney, etc.) during the golden age Sylvester had theirs too (Vladimir Cosma, Robert Hermel, Patrice Sciortino, Claude Vasori and more ...all of which switched between these 2 labels and Musique Pour L'image. It's a shame I don't have more like it... or do I?


Adventures in Ebay: A Rant... nothing surprises me.

People act so funny when it comes to IDing audio (or requests in general). Not long ago I posted a comment on a blog asking a VERY specific question. This blog posts LP covers only and not music. No problem. They had 3 people listed as contributors. Do you mean to tell me that between 3 contributors I was asking too much? Have you actually heard it? I asked ONE OF them to email me and I would link or send them the file (not Police Force). Do you know what they did? They just deleted it like Google China.

Here's what I asked them... there's a certain RCA LP I found listed on the blog with front cover, back cover, and a photo of the vinyl. I have every track on this vinyl from elsewhere except for TWO. I had a few cues prepared and I was gonna ask if one of the two in particular were the same as my cues. It's like playing GO FISH! HEY GOT TRACK 7? EH... go fish. I really didn't expect a reply because people usually don't reply, but to delete the whole post (2-3 posts one for each cover) as if it never happened. How passive aggressive IS THAT!?

There's no excuse. A simple "No" or "sorry" would have sufficed. I'm not a spammer. I KNOW what spammers are about. There are spammers in my Cbox right now. They think I don't know. This is why people go into lurking and I don't blame them. The only possible reason I can think of to react like that is they thought I was an agent of the label. Yeah right.

Why did I ask to begin with? The LP is rare, but the price isn't justified as most of the tracks are easily available so really only 2 are rare. The cover is cool, but other than that it's not a big deal. One track is probably a dud from what I saw on the description (Esodo Cinese). The other (Repressione) is the one in question. Both are from an RCA/IT LP that hasn't been re-released via CD and I suppose it was never commercially available (by Romolo Grano... Ca Ira Il Fiume Della Rivolta). I'm not paying top dollar if I don't need to. In an unbelievable twist of fate the same LP pops up on Ebay 2 weeks later. I didn't bid because I wasn't willing to take that risk. It ended selling for a fairly low price. I don't feel as though I really missed out, but it would seem unlikely that the record should appear during a time when I could have the truth about it. Thanks for nothing, but I'm glad someone got it for a reasonable price.

If they thought I was a scumbag or whatever for whatever reason they may have and they could actually say that, I'd appreciate the honesty I really would. I'm not in the business of changing minds. You can think what you want. Self righteousness runs rampant in the vinyl community. There are barriers of nationality, language, legality, race, age, location, and even status. I said this a couple of years ago on Phylips' blog. These audiophiles out there on these high horses WILL download your stuff, but they will deny it to the death and even condemn the act altogether.

Blaxploitation ID... Police Force

I'm no expert on blaxploitation films or music, but I've heard this one before. I've heard so much that it's nearly impossible to keep track. It really has to be fresh in mind. This snippet was sampled by 2 different rappers. For one he made his own beat and the other he just rapped over someone else's (a mainstream rapper perhaps?). Even knowing that doesn't help.

The movie Police Force came out in 73 and the instrumental (whatever it is) came out in the early 2000's. I asked around and got no where. I know someone knows...



Ok so I had one of the songs in my RS folder. This one is from Sandman it's called "That's What Makes Him a Hustla." It's even a better example than police force and it's his own beat... not the mainstream sample.

Sandman - The Movement Part 1 (Dictatorship) 2001?


Okay here's the second one. 9 times out of 10 this beat was jacked for this mixtape meaning it could belong to WHATEVER mainstream rapper. This one is called "Love Me or Hate Me" by the Paper Chasers. I don't have this mixtape uploaded but it came out around 2001-2002. I remember grabbing the last copy.