-A Turn for the Worst-

I've been holding out on this one for a while. I've probably dedicated more attention to this mix than any other because I wanted it just right. I got started on it right after 59th & Easy Street so this is the true 3rd volume. Anyway, A Turn for the Worst is uneasy listening... music that you would be hard pressed to find in a library style comp. We've all heard those "halloween" style comps, well this isn't that. It's meant to be more sophisticated... not "it's right behind you" music.

It's hard to choose 5 favorites when I so carefully managed to pick 39 tracks in all. "Mad Max Title" is like gold in Shaw Bros movies. I was in the dorm sleep one day with my TV blasting and I heard the "Shaw Bros" cue on regular TV. I jumped up out of the bed excitedly, but was shocked to find that it wasn't Shaw... it was just Mad Max. Within minutes I had ordered the soundtrack. This was back in 04. That helped spark my interest in IDing cues perhaps from other movies. "Ritorno Di Suoni" has a very subtle creepiness to it. There is a another track on the same OST that sounds like devil himself was laying seige to humanity. It was creepy too, but it was over the top. But this one sounds like a music for an evil genius. "Rite De La Terre" is my namesake's theme from Avenging Eagle. Besides being overly dramatic and uneasy at the same time, it has an asian twist to it. To my surprise it was actually the theme song of a children's TV show called "Time Slip." I could have sworn it was originally scored for Avenging Eagle. I'm also, upset that the quality is lackluster but I take what I can get.

"Kongre" sounds just like some tunes from this old PS1 game that had extraordinary music for a game (Vagrant Story - Hitoshi Sakimoto). To this day, I haven't heard any other game OST up to par. Piccioni's Kongre has a similar sound but it's much better. It's how Vagrant Story could sound if it was redone or remastered... beautifully evil. And last "Violent Payoff (Version 2)" is a fave because it has such an unusual sound. I like that it sounds like all hell just broke loose and then went on about its business. Oh and it's definitely another Shaw Bros cue.

A Turn for the Worst...

01. Sei Ran Hen - Warlord of Corruption
02. Ennio Morricone - Waiting at the Border
03. Susumu Hirasawa - Monster
04. Eric Towren - Eruption
05. Akira Ifukube - Godzilla vs King Ghidora
06. Chumei Watanabe - Sharivan Crash
07. Brian May - Mad Max Title
08. Duel of the Century Intro
09. Masamichi Amano - Phantom Night's Ambition
10. Jim Johnston - Schizophrenic
11. Jun Sunoue - Event Strain
12. Eric Towren - Sinestre
13. Oliver Nelson - It Was You, It Was You
14. Jack Trombey - Spinechiller
15. Vasori - En Pensant A Kafka
16. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Seiin Kishidan
17. Ivor Slaney - Perception in Rhythm
18. Ennio Morricone - Ritorno Di Suoni
19. Takahito Eguchi - Confusion
20. Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra - SFZ OVA Opening
21. Reg Tilsley - Ferocity Fanfare
22. Riz Ortolani - Ossessione
23. Sei Ran Hen - The Evil Dynasty
24. Shunsuke Kikuchi - Unknown DBZ BGM
25. Don Harper - Sinister Stranger
26. Ennio Morricone - Silhouette of Doom
27. Piero Piccioni - Kongre
28. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Chika Bochi
29. Jack Trombey - Red Sequence
30. Bruno Nicolai - Atmosfera Angosciosa
31. Ennio Morricone - Frequenza
32. Ichirou Mizuki - Tokkei Winspector Link
33. Edouard Michael - Rite De La Terre
34. Reg Tilsley - Violent Payoff (Version 2)
35. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Kaigan
36. Setsuo Yamamoto - Despair
37. Riz Ortolani - Adulteress Punishment
38. Motoi Sakuraba - The Ultimate Terror
39. Macabre Outro

The action mix is taking longer than expected to finish. That only means that it'll be better than you expected. Keep an eye out.


TG said...

I know this song... "Event Strain" by Jun Sunoue. It comes from a video game, huh ?

Thanx for all, man ! You have a fuckin' style.

Hrangue said...

Thanks all the game music I have around here is old. I can't imagine the stuff I've missed out on that's recent.

Martooni said...

Excellent style. Thanks for putting these together.

I come into this type of music from the jazz/lounge/exotica scene. And your hip-hop base perspective is very refreshing.

I used to DJ on college radio and the hip-hop they played was always better than what I head on the Empty V

Hrangue said...

I've spent a bit of time at my old college radio station. I wasn't a DJ or anything, but it was my hangout spot (ie. cutting class). I did help with promos and advertising though. I wish I did have some producer skills I could make some interesting music.

Also, it's interesting to see our own progression. I listen to stuff now that 5 years ago I wouldn't have imagined. And even through the blog people are introducing me to other forms. I'll be dropping a 90's classic instrumental double CD mix soon. Keep an eye out.

Anonymous said...

Any hope of a repot on this?

It looks incredible!!!!!

Hrangue said...

Sure I'll repost soon with updated tracks. I have many of them in better quality now. Stay tuned!