Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library T-W

And we're done! Now like I was saying, keep an eye out...

The Deadly Knives
The Jade Tiger
The Magic Blade
The Notorious 8
The Shadow Boxer
The Weird Man
Tigress of Shaolin
To Kill a Mastermind
Triple Irons
Water Margin

I hope everybody enjoyed these because I'm really fanatical about compiling. I can't even watch one of these movies for what it is anymore. I pay more attention to the music and sounds than anything else.


Raymond said...

This is simply admirable..if that´s the correct word. Fantastic effort, those compilations and for the "concentrated listening" to movies: i know that problem myself. Thanks for all your hard work and this blog _ MH

Hrangue said...

Thanks for dropping in. I've decided to up Encore No4 next month some time and maybe a library mix too.