Well I've been pretty ambitious in tracking certain LPs down and let me tell you... Encore No3 is going to be monumental! Before I get into that, I'll say this. I've since taken care of two of my requests and another two (Zenith and Sept Preludes) were filled a couple of months ago. I got my hands on Episodes From the Bible No2 and it was a tremendous let down! Lame as hell! I hate to get burned like that, but it's all in the game. The first volume was excellent, but this one doesn't measure up in any shape, form, or fashion. So now I'm left hanging on the cliff... Derek Laren made a certain track that is in the same style of a whole SUITE of tracks I've been searching for since day one. So where the hell are they!? Could there be an Episodes From the Bible No3? Did someone copy his style?

I got burnt by Eric Towren so, I'm guessing this is deja vu. Robert Hermel and Eric Towren have done work in the same style so I need to find Laren's successor. The only other guy I can think of is Edouard Michael (14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No1). And this brings me to my next update, I finally got 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No2 (by Trombey). It wasn't all that, but it had what I needed. I was just hoping there would be more of it. 5/14 isn't that bad considering there are LPs where only one track is good. Now for the Shaw fans, these tracks are top notch! You do hear it don't you? Encore No3 will be ready as soon as I receive my next two LPs and I may call it quits after that unless people start selling some better stuff online.

Lastly, I got these above mentioned LPs (Laren/Trombey) from that Japanese site. How? All credit is due to Ooh! Japan. Since they want to be so difficult over there, some people have taken it upon themselves to get in the business of doing what the other guys won't. And that's shipping over seas... for a fee of course. They'll buy the item(s), package, and ship them according to your specifications. It wasn't cheap, I'll admit, but I got what I wanted and that's what matters. The downside is that USPS makes one attempt to deliver "signed confirmation" packages and then they hold them. My express shipping went to waste because they didn't leave a note on my door. Anyway, I'm glad this service was available. Encore No3 will be up in a week or two.

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