-Splendid Agenda-

I guess you could say this is my second edition blaxploitation mix. It has a bit of Grand Theft Auto IV Fusion FM influence. I was delighted to see that they basically made what sounds like a library music station. I don't recall there being anything like that in the previous games. If you listened to rap back when it was good then I'm sure you'll notice some familiar tunes in here also. Everybody can enjoy this from the young knucklehead to the oldest of old pop pops. "Finding my Feet" sounds like a pop pop track in particular... this is sunday afternoon music for high waisted shorts, pastel dress socks, loafers, and straw hats!

Volume 4: Splendid Agenda!

01. David McCallum - The Edge
02. Roy Ayers - Ain't No Sunshine
03. Keith Mansfield - High Velocity
04. Alan Parker & Mike Moran - That's What Friends Are For
05. Mandingo Orchestra - The Headhunter
06. Puccio Roelens - Conversation in Three
07. Pierre Arvay - Laughing Violins
08. The Ashantis - Everybody's Groove
09. Ryo Kawasaki - Raisins
10. Edwin Starr - Airport Chase
11. Tower of Power - Soul Vaccination
12. Karl Jenkins - Silver Parallel
13. Aram - La Bossa Des Abasses
14. Francis Lai - Theme D'Anne
15. Steve Gray - Nevada Junction
16. Janko Nilovic - Aerospacial
17. Keith Papworth - Wheel Man
18. Roy Ayers - Funk in the Hole
19. Pleasure - Joyous
20. Mike Moran - El Zoro
21. Sven Libaek - Solar Flares
22. Brian Bennett - Sidetrack
23. Steve Gray - Finding my Feet
24. Alan Tew - The Peterman

Next time I'm crossing the full gamut. Be on the lookout for my last mix of this kind "Particularly Privy." It's far from over though. I have three other mixes in the works... drama, action, and uneasy listening. Stay tuned!

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