-Crime and Place for Everything-

You already know what mix this is! I'm not even gonna hype it up because it speaks for itself.

Crime and Place for Everything...


01. I Jin Hen - Cliffhanger
02. John Williams - Poseidon Adventure Title
03. Keith Mansfield - Hot Cargo
04. Franco Micalizzi - Ferro E Fuoco
05. Bruno Nicolai - Invasamento
06. Morton Stevens - Chase
07. Alberto Bembo and Blue Marvin - Kamasutra
08. Vladimir Cosma - Vengeance De Kumare
09. Bill Conti - Conquest
10. Franco Micalizzi - Affanno
11. Gianni Ferrio - Fuoco
12. Mikis Theodorakis - Meeting in the Park
13. Reg Tilsley - Counterspy Link I
14. Freedom Power - Freedom Power
15. John Cacavas - Suspense Approach and Landing
16. Luciano Michelini - Outtake No7
17. Francis Lai - Destination Le Havre
18. Brian Bennett - Fast and Furious
19. William Kraft - Grand Central
20. Georges Garvarentz - Diamond Robbery
21. Jack Trombey - Big Project
22. Reg Tilsley - Gun Runner
23. Masamichi Amano - The Inversion
24. Mandingo Orchestra - Kiss of Death
25. Kenneth Essex - Conveyors
26. The Blackbyrds - Riot
27. Franco Micalizzi - Crime on the Move
28. Gianni Ferrio - Oltre Il Confinei
29. Georges Garvarentz - Un Juge Un Flic
30. Bill Conti - Going the Distance
31. Joe Harnell - Incredible Hulk Title
32. Franco Micalizzi - Hospital Sequence
33. Ennio Morricone - Revolver

Even Cap'n Jack Sparrow could bop to "Big Project."


Killa said...

Holy fuck this is one of the best comps ive encountered on the web thanks a Mil. Everything on your page is great

Hrangue said...

Thanks man I appreciate the comment. Stop in any time.

matt said...

What song is "meeting in the park" sampled in??? It's killing me!!!

Hrangue said...

That one's my fave for riding the trains. I didn't know it was sampled. I would like to hear it too. It sounds similar to Gangstarr's "Code of the Street" but I know it's not a match.

matt said...

So I figured out it is Alchemist's Dead Bodies ft. Game and Prodigy

It also sounds similar to Westside Story by The Game prod by Dre and Storch