Now, this is the real deal... what library music is all about... the incidentals and the underscores. Even as a child I cared more about TV and movie music than any child should have and now it has become a full addiction. I have more or less given up on "normal music." Daydreams are so much better with library. This is thee drama comp. I get my best ideas when I listen to this stuff and it really helps clear my head if I'm troubled. It is mostly library but I've included any and everything else that seemed appropriate (spaghetti westerns, mobster movies, videogame rpgs, anime, poliziotteschi, and giallo). I know drama.

It bothers me that soundtracks have become a lost art. Nowadays the only things that get adequate music treatment are games and anime. I gave up anime about 7 years ago but it has always had undeniably good music. Watch TV or any new movie and the soundtrack is sub-par and or uninteresting (I remember Rush Hour 2 having a really good score). A soundtrack is actually just a bunch of songs. The proper term would actually be "score." IMO, now and then is the difference between library and production music. Those who don't know any better would hear some of this music and think, "Wow this is amazing, what is it from? What? A game? A cartoon? A full scale orchestra just for that?" It would seem that priorities are backwards.

Underscoreology...Beautiful Music 101.

01. Ennio Morricone - Once Upon a Time in America
02. Berto Pisano - Luci Sulla Baia
03. William Kraft - Carlito and Gail
04. Oliver Nelson - The Walk to Court
05. Masamichi Amano - Big Fire Appears
06. Piero Piccioni - Eros
07. Carlo Rustichelli - L'arresto
08. Armando Trovaioli - Disperazione Di Ricordo
09. Patrick Doyle - You Belong to Me Now
10. Gianni Ferrio - Crescendo Trionfale
11. Noriyuki Asakura - Fallen Angel
12. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Chika Kyoukai
13. Reg Tilsley - Extortion I
14. Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra - Big Group Parading Around
15. Stanley Black - Promised Land
16. Reijiro Koroku - War Council
17. Masamichi Amano - GRVII
18. Carlo Rustichelli - Ore Romantiche
19. Riz Ortolani - Dolcissimo Sogno
20. Henry Mancini - Michael's Theme
21. Motoi Sakuraba - Mysterious Dreams
22. Morton Stevens - The Long Wait
23. Reijiro Koroku - Troops Dispatch
24. Masamichi Amano - Dr. Shizuma's Compensation
25. I Jin Hen - Kayura
26. Brian Bennett - High Security
27. Piero Piccioni - Memories
28. Titian - Nazi Fascisti
29. Ennio Morricone - Death Theme
30. John Barry - Soviet Capsule
31. Masamichi Amano - Shizuma's 10th Year Balance Sheet
32. Hitoshi Sakimoto - Staff Roll

And to complement drama, my action mix is well on its way.


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