Xihong Library 13 - Reup Requested - Eagles Loot

Aka Xihong for the Holidays No.2



Xihong Library 2014 - The Main Thing is to Stay Alive

I guess it can't be late if you didn't know it was coming? I've been so busy lately that I'm releasing my new Shaw Bros volume in the new year. The vast majority of this drop was compiled by my main man in Germany... Klaus (aka Chik Ming Klaus)... ie. "The main thing is to stay alive..."

I don't have the time like I used to... to really dig deep on these movies. We've found so much that most of my resources have been exhausted as far as the music and the films. Klaus picked it up a couple of years ago and has done a great service to the collection both as a compiler and an archivist. To refresh your memories, Klaus has MOST of the movies... at least 100 or 200 that I haven't seen, but I have the music or connects to the music.

Are we done?

No. BUT, it gets harder and harder as time goes on.

I offer a special thanks again to M.Y. in Japan for his super rare source findings. And I'd like to thank everyone who still keeps the library community alive (Killa, Retronic, the library forum, DJ Marcellus Wallace, and anyone still sharing the heat). If you're new to the music, the "community," or the films... know that I've long paid my dues and that I'm just doing this out of love. Enjoy.

 I | II | III | IV | V

I am still in need of some RCA SP music as well as miscellaneous DWLP/HMCSLP/RMSLP stuff.

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