Xihong Library - The 218 Relics

Even though Xihong has been gone for what seems like an eternity already, they just couldn't let him be. Who would've guessed that he had so many treasures buried along with him.

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I don't really want to get into how much work has gone into this, but if you want more then perhaps someone can fulfill these requests:

VA - RCA SP 10007 - Drammatici E Musiche Di Tensione Psicologica No4
VA - RCA SP 10008 - Drammatici E Musiche Di Tensione Psicologica No5
Romolo Grano - RCA SP 8004 - Ca Ira Il Fiume Della Rivolta
Teo Usuelli - RCA SP 8011 - La Suora Giovane
Antonio Riccardo Luciani - RCA SP 10056 - Musica Arcaica
Pierre Arvay - DWLP 3152 - Illustrations No7

Other than that, I'm still missing 1 cue. ONE... that is very important to me. Will I have it ever? I think it's on Musica Arcaica (an almost unheard of LP). The Grano stuff is certified hardcore Shaw Bros music I've actually seen the movie (doc).

Thanks to...

The Growing Bin (for Chimenti)
Frankly Yes (for Dallas)

And a special thanks to...

Killa (for providing the shovels)
My Pal Doug (for bringing the lanterns)
Klaus (for digging Xihong up)

-PS- I've hidden an easter egg (or 2) somewhere in this comp. I wonder if you'll notice them.