Requests... eh, who am I to make requests?

Us "Shaolin Men" seem to be a special breed, so it's hard to find people who are good at IDing hard to find Shaw Bros music. Much of it is De Wolfe and misc Morricone. I have my eye on a DWLP by Edouard Michael, it's called DWLP 3056 - Sept Preludes Symphonique. I AM willing to buy this. If you know something about it then hit me up! Also, DWLP - 3171 - The Music of Jack Trombey - 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No2 I'm willing to drop cash on this one too! Aside from De Wolfe (drama and action), I like anything funky (wah-wah, crescendos, and mean baselines, think Puccio Roelens). I don't know if he did another session like Rock Satellite but it was SICK!

And something really obscure, I'm looking for Toei Library stuff from the Japanese 60's TV show "Special Mobile Force" (Tokubestu Kidoutai). Any leads on that would be appreciated.

Kudos to Phylips. Long live PHYLIPS! Here's a reup of the the LP he was kind enough to share.


Phylips said...

Hi, I've got the Edouard Michael DWLP 3056 - Sept Preludes Symphonique LP. I'll try to upload it for you this week.

Phylips said...

You're lucky, I already digitalized the vinyl,

nr.64 Njoy!

P.S. Maybe you can help me out….I bought more then a month ago Cecil Leuter’s Altitude 3000 at: http://iueke.com/category/library/

Paid euro 120,-, got a confirmation from my payment and the promise to send it to me….but unfortunately I still haven’t received it.
I wrote 5 emails to the guy Gwen, but he kept silent, no reaction at all [poor, poor, poor…]
Do you happen to have a copy digitalized and a link so that I can hear this album at last?

Hrangue said...

Ouch! Even if you're on this side of the pond, it shouldn't take that long to ship. If they're charging such steep prices, customer service should be top notch. First time I've seen the place.

My worst experience so far is this Japanese site who has the exact record I want (the other one I requested) listed for not a lot of money and they refuse to sell it to me. They say they don't ship to the US. They wouldn't even negotiate. Other than that, I've encountered people who claim they want to sell things, but they don't answer more than 1 question, if any. If I come across your file, I know where to send it. I'll keep an ear out.

And many thanks for the preludes. That makes 2 more Shaws for the list. It sounds like a continuation of Nathan Le Prophete. He did a third 60's DWLP that I know of and I'll get it if this dealer will respond. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get a copy of the Album "DWLP - 3171 - The Music of Jack Trombey - 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No2" because I would really like to get some of that music! Please let me know by email: stumer@verizon.net



Hrangue said...

It's already on the blog Drew.