Instrumental Series Vol.1 Wu-Tang

For me... what made the transition possible from rap to library music was instrumentals. I stopped listening to lyrics after a while because there is only so many ways that you can shoot people, only so many ways to cut keys, waste money, and degrade women. I developed a greater appreciation for instruments and it opened some doors. The first rap group I ever seriously listened to was Wu-Tang. I remember being in 5th grade and somebody said "you ever heard of Muffin Man." I said "Who's the Muffin Man." "NO! METHOD MAN!" Oh ok. No. Why? Because he's the best out that's why. He reps Wu-Tang Clan. By the 6th grade I was hooked on Wu-Tang. Even after the downfall of Wu I was a big fan of ODB in retrospect. I still can't believe he's gone. Looking back at some of his work, he really was one of a kind.

On a side note, back in 97 I actually got to meet Raekwon in person at the Philly Wu-Wear Store and I got his autograph. I had him sign a couple of shirts, but they are long gone (that goes for the store too). All that is left is this piece of paper I keep in a dusty frame. I actually saw him again years later (2002?) just around the corner from the original spot. And shame on me I didn't even acknowledge him because I thought he was washed up. I lost my appreciation and forgot where I started. After understanding the ins-and-outs of rap fads all the music I liked at that time has since fallen off. Isn't that interesting? Today, I wouldn't acknowledge those people either...

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...but Wu-Tang really is forever. As a whole they had such a unique gutter sound for the longest time, and that's what puts them in a league of their own. They were the definition of absolute lyricism.

Instrumental Series Vol.1: Wu-Tang

01. Raekwon - Knowledge God
02. Cappadonna - Run
03. Ghostface - Motherless Child
04. Wu-Tang - Older Godz
05. ODB - Recognize
06. Method Man - Dangerous Groundz
07. Wu-Tang - The MGM
08. The GZA - Gold
09. Ghostface - Underwater
10. Wu-Tang - For Heaven's Sake
11. Method Man and Redman - The Riddler
12. Raekwon - Yae Yo
13. ODB - Brooklyn Zoo II
14. Wu-Tang - Cream
15. Ghostface - Daytona 500
16. Method Man - Retro Godfather
17. Wu-Tang - The Projects
18. The GZA - Cold World
19. Raekwon - Heaven and Hell
20. Wu-Tang - Method Man
21. Ghostface - Apollo Kids
22. Method Man - All I Need Remix
23. Wu-Tang - Triumph

One beat that I have never been able to find, but always wanted is "Wu-Tang - A Better Tomorrow." I think I've heard some bad loops but that's about it. You already know there will be more instrumental series' to come so just sit tight.

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wza said...

Muffinman, LOL :)

Gotta agree on the lyrics thing, I still love Talib & family - & JDilla always.

Great shack you got going btw, keep em coming.