Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library I-L

Invincible Shaolin
Iron Bodyguard
Kid From Kwangtung
Kid With the Golden Arm
Killer Clans
Killer Constable
King Boxer
Kungfu Instructor
Legend of the Bat
Legend of the Fox
Legendary Weapons of China
Life Gamble

Might be all "M" next time...


Ali Maltz said...

Thank You for the Shaw Brothers Soundtracks. I am a Shaw Brothers Movie Collector. I have over 400. I like all the genres from the fifties to the earl eighties. Plus I only like to watch them in Mandarin. I live in NY, but I spent a year at the Shaolin Temple Mastering in Shaolin Kungfu in Dafang China. If you ever want to talk Shaw Brothers holla back at me anytime. Thanks Again for the Soundtrack.

Hrangue said...

Glad you're enjoying them. I've always been fascinated by Shaolin and would like to see a temple at least once in my lifetime. I don't quite have 400 movies, but I've seen almost half that. I have maybe like 70. By all means pass it on to your Shaolin fellows. I've also been curious to know what they think of Shaw Bros. and the massive (former) pop culture influence. I'll be in touch some time.