-59th & Easy Street-

Every track is a daydream. Sometimes I'm in a high-speed chase... sometimes I just crossed the tracks into wrong part of town... and there's even those times I just feel like stylin' on somebody. Either way, I'm never too far from easy street... 59th & Easy Street that is. This is a blaxploitation mix with some heavy De Wolfe influence. Burn it and put this in. Guaranteed heavy rotation! Who doesn't wanna be in their own movie? I think "Sidewalks of the City" would be most appropriate for a classic blaxploitation movie. When I hear it I vision all sorts of pimps, junkies, hoes, decimated strips, and cars. Sure, that sounds stereotypical, but there's no denying it.

59th and Easy Street!

01. Keith Papworth - Hit Link I
02. Puccio Roelens - A Taste of Repeat
03. Syd Dale - Baseline
04. Alan Parker - Rumpus
05. Alan Hawkshaw - Collect
06. Peter Reno - Barracuda
07. Johnny Pate - Are You Man Enough?
08. Simon Park - Gun Law
09. Dennis Coffey - Black Belt Jones Theme
10. Caravelli - Derniere Turbulence
11. Andre Ceccarelli - Dindou No.1
12. Keith Papworth - Nightraid
13. Isaac Hayes - Pursuit of the Pimpmobile
14. Costy and Janou - Danger
15. Curtis Mayfield - Junkie Chase
16. Blackbyrds - Places and Spaces
17. Reg Tilsley - Warlock
18. Peter Reno - Convoy
19. Keith Papworth - Hard Hitter
20. Puccio Roelens - A Silliness Song
21. Syd Dale - Sidewalks of the City
22. Blackbyrds - Blackbyrds' Theme
23. Rhythm Heritage - S.W.A.T. Theme
24. David Richmond - Brass Bullet
25. Brothers Johnson - Brother Man
26. Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's Dead
27. Willie Hutch - Overture of Foxy Brown

Up next... "Get Spiffy." Not everybody is cut out to be a BAAAAAADD muddasucka so this was made with the "easy listener" in mind. Stay tuned and keep it light...


Paul Durango said...

Hi there!

Where did you get this great 'Dindou No1' track from french superman André Ceccarelli ?!

I'm so into his library right now.. We (t.h.e. f.r.e.n.c.h.) should make 'Gang Process' our new Marseillaise...

Your compilations are awesome.

Hrangue said...

Wow the great Paul Durango asking ME where to find something! I'm pretty sure you have it. It's on Rhythmes DWLP3328. We spoke on SLSK I'm Xihong.

Paul Durango said...

ah ah you're right!

Hard drives crashes are bummers !

i'm gonna buy a brand new samsung 1Tb.

then i'll sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff ! Thank you very much !