Requests part 3

Okay so last time, I was elated to find a certain LP (largely by accident) which turned out to be a top shelf disque for Shaw. One track in particular sounds too much like a certain other group of tracks to be a coincidence. I ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. Also, it helped me complete my first ENTIRE soundtrack... leaving no stone unturned... which was Avenging Eagle. Naturally, as soon as I get wind of something like this I search immediately. It turned up and I was shocked, I placed my order and the guy didn't have it. I knew it was too good to be true. So here is where you guys come in...

If you or someone you know has Derek Laren's EPISODES FROM THE BIBLE VOLUME 2 - DWLP 3241, we can do business. Notice the pattern. Of course the INACTIVE guy on GEMM with 700 records for sale has this and I can't order from him. Also, my favorite JAPANESE NON-RECORD SELLING TO AMERICANS OR WHOEVER SITE HAS THIS! JUST LIKE THEY HAVE 2 OTHERS I WANT! It would be cool if someone in Japan could scoop these records for me and we could work out a deal. Maybe that's a stretch.

Anyway, it belongs to a suite of similar LPs with similar covers.

Derek Laren - Episodes From the Bible No1
Derek Laren - Episodes From the Bible No2
Edouard Michael - Nathan Le Prophete
??????? and who knows what else?

As always, thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

The link are broken, do you have another please ?

Hrangue said...

Which do you need? I'll re-up them if I still have them.

I have a few re-ups planned for this weekend already.

Let me know.