A Re-turn for the Worst

This is actually a re-up of the 2008 original. It was a great time of discovery for Shaw Bros music... it's actually when I first starting posting it. This was the first compilation that I really had Shaw Bros music weaved into. I didn't even know all of the original track names. That's why it's "Eric Towren" heavy near the beginning. It was originally formatted to fit on a CD, but no longer. I've replaced a number of the tracks with better quality rips. My "5 faves" that I used to highlight back in the day are quite different now even though this is the same mix.

It's one of my absolute favorites because much of this is music that I grew up with rather than the stuff that I've come to love over the past 4 or 5 years. And towards the end of last year I was actually thinking of doing a new volume. Just as moody... just as sinister... just as uneasy. I want to do uneasy listening JUSTICE! If you trust my ear, maybe I can make it happen.

I won't tell you who he is if you don't know already, but the guy on the cover is the perfect example of your worst nightmare coming back on you. Kudos to you if you know who it is, but there's no music from that film on this comp.

Otherwise... enjoy.