Eagle's Loot - Xihong For the Holidays No2

Didn't think you were gonna hear from us again... huh? No news is good news! We've been working on this mammoth, massive, gargantuan, record breaking volume for a whole year. By sheer attrition, most of the credit goes to Klaus... my compiling partner in Germany. And an especially big thanks to my man M.Y. in Japan. Also, I'd like to thank long time contributor Killa, old friend Trkizbrki, and the great Fslmy. The latest and perhaps one of the greatest finds ("Spontaneous") comes from Trkizbrki by way of the library forums.

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Update: for anyone having trouble downloading, please read my tips in the comment section.

Happy Holidays!


Rebuilding - If you don't read any other post read this one!

I've been listening. Some people were having trouble with Mediafire and at first I didn't quite understand. But I see now. I guess I'm done with it. So I'll see how this new host goes. It's up to you to let me know on your end. For now, this post will be the official update thread. New links will appear in the comments.

A word of caution... new converts are born everyday. Whether you just converted to kungfu music, library music, or even soundtracks in general know that this is my 3rd and likely final rebirth. I have the music and I have the connections. It's not really about me. Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars have gone into finding these things... on my behalf and on the behalves of others in what's left of the community I say do your best diligence in learning what you can about this music.

For more details on anything listed below, there are corresponding posts. Use the search function up top to find them.

A Re-turn for the Worst

Laced With Poison
Underscoreology No2
For Mackish Affairs Only
Splendid Agenda
Get Spiffy
59th & Easy Street
Best of Erotic Lounge

Klau Chu's Back (Shaw Bros Music)

Xihong for the Holidays (Shaw Bros Music)
A Night at the Arcade Part I (DJ Mike)
Ambiente Ostile_