Pierre Arvay - Images Symphoniques

I don't normally do this, but since I ripped this myself I will this time. In my conquest to acquire Shaw Bros LPs I've come across something requested by someone who's putting in a lot of work... more than anybody I know... it's Phylips of course... so it's the least I can do.

So what about the music? It's mostly suites. The longest track is about 11.5 minutes and it's chock full of Shaw Bros cues. They can be heard in the following movies: Daredevils, Shaolin Mantis, The Weird Man, Swordsman and the Enchantress, and The 5 Superfighters. If you're unfamiliar with Shaw, I would say that this LP is a cross between drama and action (my favorites) with a smidgeon of wild vocals sprinkled in. The bread and butter of it is "La Fete Fantastique" which borders on sinister and mystical strings. You'll like it.

Pierre Arvay - Images Symphoniques

Also, I won't be adding these cues (suites) to the library posts, so Shaw enthusiasts should get them here.


Phylips said...

Hah, thanks, finally a better version of this great, but very dark and abstract album from the early 60's [I suppose]!

house303 said...

This is a really nice post!
Thank you!