Un Juge Un Elie?

Much respect is due to whoever mixed the track "Un Juge Un Flic" which I had gotten from some polizziotteschi comp. I liked it so much I wanted to find more like it from Du Rififi Au Cine and I actually found the original file before it was edited. I must say, this version was originally called "Un Juge Un Elie" and is MUCH MUCH BETTER. At first I thought it was a typo, but I guess there is a reason behind it and I may never find out. I like Georges Garvarentz's work but this sort of track doesn't define his style and that's really too bad.

I thought it was cut off, but that's really how it sounds. I still have an eye out for the right volume of Du Rififi Au Cine. I've heard No2 and it wasn't on that one.

(original) http://rapidshare.com/files/160968597/Du_rififi___la_t_l__-_27_-_Georges_Garvarentz_-_Un_juge__un_flic..mp3

(remix) http://rapidshare.com/files/160970615/Hrangue_-_Crime_and_Place_for_Everything_-_29_-_Georges_Garvarentz_-_Un_Juge_un_Flic.mp3


Ivan said...

hi, "un juge, un flic" was a french tv show from the late 70's, it means " a judge, a cop"... "un juge, un elie" doesn't mean anything

Hrangue said...

Thanks for the tip. I looked into it, but still haven't found much outside of Du Rififi Au Cine (which seems to cover a number of shows/movies) and imdb. I wish it was as simple as IDing library. And even that isn't so simple.

Hrangue said...

I eventually found them all except for the one I really needed. But, it seems that was the only track used from that TV series. I wish I could find out more about Garvarentz's work source material. The only other stuff I've heard from him that was funky was Killer Force. I'll keep an eye out.