Yu Xihong's Shaw Bros Library Encore No1!

Does this really come as surprise? Deep down inside, you knew it wasn't over. In the meantime I've been ripping and restoring many vinyls. Some of them made the cut in time for their respective movies, but most of them I had done already. Don't sleep on this... 62 files of greatness. And there are a few I just happened to recently ID or find elsewhere.

Encore No1-1
Encore No1-2

2 Champions of Shaolin
3 Evil Masters
5 Element Ninjas
5 Venoms
10 Tigers From Kwangtung
Avenging Eagle
Brave Archer
Chinatown Kid
Crippled Avengers
Duel of the Century
Flag of Iron
Godfather From Canton
Human Lanterns
Invincible Shaolin
Kid With the Golden Arm
Kungfu Instructor
Legend of the Bat
Oily Maniac
Shaolin Intruders
Shaolin Prince

There are some guaranteed favorites in here. Enjoy.


-Chillin' Spree-

It's been a while hasn't it? I'm short on words and long listening this time... easy... listening that is. Enjoy.

Chillin' Spree...


01. Andy Pask & Neal Wilkinson - Big Love A
02. Brian Bennett - Villain
03. Bernard Lubat - Lido
04. Pierre Sellin - Trumpet on the Beach
05. Roy Ayers - Change up the Groove
06. I honestly don't know who's track this is...
[Piero Piccioni - Presi Per Incantamento]
07. Peter Reno - Wharfside
08. Lonnie Liston Smith - Floating Through Space
09. Yutaka - Oriental Express
10. Franco Micalizzi - Sadness Theme 2
11. Johnny Hawksworth - Got to Give in
12. Alan Hawkshaw - Sundown
13. Luciano Michelini - Outtake #8
14. Lee Mason - Love Affair
15. Jean-Pierre Mas - La Boite a Strip
16. Johnny Hawksworth - Teaser One
17. Francis Weyer - No Lady
18. Stelvio Cipriani - Bambole Di Droga
19. Lesiman - Messagio
20. Brian Bennett - Spiv
21. Nick Ingman - Sight and Sound 8A
22. Michael Gonet - Flower Dance
23. Alberto Baldan Bembo - Mubu
24. Lonnie Liston Smith - The Enchantress
25. Keith Mansfield - Warm Glow
26. Johnny Hawksworth - Lifestyle
27. Peter Reno - Big City Story

I didn't forget about those instrumental mixes and I most certainly have something in store for the Shaw fans. Keep it light.

Update: Okay, so thanks to the Franklynot Piccioni thread (Check it out, it's a smooth sound extravaganza!) I know where track 6 came from. I honestly didn't think I would find out this soon. I might have DLed this untagged from somewhere and only kept that track leaving me without an artist or anything to reference. It's called "Presi Per Incantamento" by Piero Piccioni. Very easy listening... this one is. And after listening to the Appassionata OST again, it's foolishness that I ever got rid of it!


Requests part 2

Aside from 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No 2 (Trombey), you guessed it, I need 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No 1 (more Edouard Michael!) And more Eric Towren, Zenith: Music for Space and Oceanographic Science. I'm not asking for a freebie. If you have these I will buy them but don't think you're going to gouge me. Thanks for listening.