Instrumental Series Vol.5 Smooth Groove

So what happened to volumes 3 and 4? Well, they're not quite ready yet so I moved ahead to this one. I made this mix about a year ago but after moving all the files around and transferring to an external HDD I lost the track list so I had to go dig them up again and see what fit and what didn't. I think there's only like 3 tracks that weren't on the original. This is for the "grown and sexy" and I really don't like that phrase because it's so cliche. I prefer "sophisticated"...

Anyway, I tried to avoid putting R&B on here... 1) because I don't (didn't really) listen to it so I'm not a good authority on that and 2) because if done right, rap can be just as smooth. I did make a few exceptions though. It took me many years to find the beat for "The World is Filled." I got such a rush when I finally found it.

Instrumental Series Vol.5: Smooth Groove

01. Outkast - Liberation
02. LL Cool J - Luv U Better
03. Common - They Say
04. Biggie - The World is Filled
05. Amerie - Why Don't We Fall in Love
06. Nas - It Wasn't You
07. Lloyd Banks - I'm So Fly
08. Beanie Sigel - Don't Stop
09. 2Pac - Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto
10. Bobby Valentino - Slow Down
11. Bone Thugs - Murda Mo
12. Busta Rhymes - New York Shit
13. Jin - I Got a Love
14. Cassidy - So Long
15. Jay-Z - Girls Girls Girls
16. Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push
17. Puff Daddy - Been Around the World
18. TI - Why You Wanna
19. DJ Cruz - Loveland
20. Nas - We Will Survive
21. Snoop Dogg - Beautiful
22. Jay-Z - Excuse Me Miss
23. Erykah Badu - Back in the Day
24. Raekwon - Rainy Dayz Remix
25. Little Brother - Lovin' It
26. Ahmad - Back in the Day Remix

At the moment, I'm working on three editions, "The Near East Edition" (vol.4), Rocafella (vol.3), and the "Philly Underground" (vol.6 double disc gutter edition).

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