Xihong Library 2016 - Shaw Brothers Music

I'm not sure who's still around, but I'm back... we're back with a new volume of Xihong Library. We're 9 years into this. I can't let all the glory go to Klaus, but he can have most of it. Maybe we need a reintroduction?

Hrangue @ Hatembargo was a music blog consisting of compilations... funky and dramatic but I became best known for Yu Xihong's Shaw Brothers Music Library (Xihong Library). Things were slow at first, but I put the work in along with the time and a lot of money. I'm not so much into collecting vinyl these days. I sold half my collection, but I still have some true to the game favorites. I crossed over into doing Shaw Bros kungfu vid compilations on youtube. My computer is out of commission at the moment so I'm on break from that, but it's still the music that drives my passion to make the videos. Like, subscribe, comment! youtube.com/hrangue

A few years in, I was contacted by a guy from Germany... Klaus. He wanted to hear a particular LP that I had found a really important Shaolin cue on. I really took some convincing because we (the community
'08-'12) did a lot of sharing on the blogs, there was a lot of secrecy behind the scenes... and some shadyness. I took a chance on him and sent it (ahem... sent a rar) and came to find out we were a perfect match. He has the movies and I have the music... or I know people who have the music. I can tip my hat and acknowledge Klaus as a true expert on ID-ing this music. I'll say it again. I would've been done with this a few years ago if not for him. We're both dedicated and determined, but I'm more motivated by finding the real hard-hitting sounds while I'd say Chik Ming Klaus is more of a completionist-- leaving no stone unturned... hunting down every last track... to the death!

Is it even possible to have something big planned for the 10th year anniversary of Xihong Library? Roughly 2700 tracks and 11GB+ of Shaw Bros music is where we're at now. We'll go on as long as we can. The more we find, the harder it becomes to find even more. Through the years I've had some great support and made some great trades. Hah, maybe I'll thank everyone for the 10 year celebration. But for this year and the past couple I thank Killa the Librarian (my long lost brother in music) and M.Y. (the secret weapon from Japan).

Last, it's been a long time, but I'll make a few requests in case anyone so inclined is reading. hrangue@gmail.com

DWLP 3063 Assignment London
DWLP 3100 New World
DWLP 3429 Gun Man (tracks A14, A15, B12-B17)

RCA SP 10060 Fluid Trasparency
RCA SP 8004 Ca Ira Il Fiume Della Rivolta

Personal request...  
Proposte N.7 - Gege Munari Percussion Modern

Xihong Library 2016