Bad News...

Last week I found out my turntable was busted (ie. it stopped recording). I don't have an audiophile rig I just used a USB flash drive turntable which audiophiles turn their nose up at. After learning about vinyl and sound over these past couple of years I understand why.

So I read reviews about this particular model that I have and people have had worse problems, but for me a dead USB is a dealbreaker. I went back to the store where I got it yesterday and the guy WHO SOLD IT to me still works there and he's a manager now. I say that he sold it because if it weren't for his testimony against the model I really wanted (a vintage expensive looking lame duck model) I wouldn't have gotten this one instead. He made a generous offer as to what he could do to fix the situation as my model is discontinued (ie. trade for the current model). The newer one(s) don't even have the features mine has (USB, SD card, radio, speakers).

They're really cheapin out on these! He told me it's like that across the board (1-year warranties). Stuff isn't made to last. I know people have the same turntable for like 20 years so... I've learned a lesson. I passed on his offer. He was disappointed that he couldn't make things right, but I respect that he tried and we negotiated. It is a business after all and there are rules.

So when I do get a new turntable I know how to go about it and what to get this time. Forget that flash drive stuff. I read about a cool converter that can make any analog table digital. That's the route I'll go.