Adventures on Ebay!

So I ordered a record and instead of the record being packaged like... a record, it was packaged like a big greeting card. As soon as I saw it I said WTF? Before I even opened it, I could tell the edges had creases. I open it up and the sleeve is right under the paper (envelope). It may as well have been commando. I'm level headed enough not to make a fuss and so I didn't. I left super duper fantastic seller among sellers 1760+ star ebay general Jacquelyn123cat this exact POSITIVE feedback... "The package could have been sturdier. I'm satisfied otherwise thanks." She left me positive feedback, and then everything was fine... until... she decided she wasn't going to take my outrageous fibs lying down. In response she sent me a message (via ebay) asking why I left that comment to imply that I'm somehow defaming her.

With all due respect and courtesy I took some time to make an image that says it all.

Now this is what it looked like before she sent it. And pictured below is what I got. You be the judge.

So I sent her this image in response. Everything on my end is airtight right? Wrong! What I like so much about the internet is that anyone can pretend to be anyone. She pretended to be a truth teller but it didn't quite work out. In response to my carefully constructed image, she told me that she was directed to a poker scam site and that she's reporting me not only to the crowned prince, but also the king of Ebay. And to make sure I get my just desserts she blocked my email so she would be spared from my snappy comebacks, reason, and further damning evidence. She gave no evidence link to said poker scam. This link (my image collage) is from my own server after all. Does this look like poker to you? She tried to attack my credibility by saying that I tried to do this before (TO A LOT OF PEOPLE practically everybody online ssssshhhhhh it's really just 4 people... extra ssssshhhhhh including her) and by that I mean "changing my mind." It's not about changing anything. When my mailman tells me he had to reseal a package and that's why it took so long, I take his word for it because I see this guy every day.

Since I've had 2 of my packages pop open and require resealing, since I've had one record nearly fall out of the mailer when I turned it, AND since I don't like for my records to be packaged like greeting card, I DO give extra attention to how a package is mailed. I certainly won't give a negative rating just for that reason either. I didn't ask anyone for any money back. So what's the fuss?

Here are my 4 victims. Let's see if you can spot them.

This was between us 2 until my email got bounced back. I brushed off this whole incident because It's not that big of a deal to me. It's the principle of being able to take what you dish out. The truth isn't for everybody and that's why she made a wild accusation, then blocked me so I couldn't respond directly, and then supposedly reported me to the Dean of Sellers. Should she find this, she's liable to drop a dime (rat, tattle, tell, snitch) so if my blog comes up missing, you'll know why. At the same time, it's your loss. I sincerely appreciate all comments, but there's quite a bit of leeching going on. That's cool and all because this is the internet and we all do it. But, you won't know what you had til I'm gone, or better yet... what you don't have. I hope you enjoyed reading about this adventure.

P.S. Here's a funny fact she included 2 pieces of copy paper inside the record sleeve also. I've since reunited them with their long lost cousins in my printer.


Mike said...

Hmm, interesting. That person just sounds like a whiny bitch. eBay has many similar stories, many worse than yours. Several years ago I had ordered a DVD box set (at $80 if I remember correctly) and never received my order. In fact, I found out that this seller had many buyers who'd ordered stuff they never received. Basically, he was a scam artist. Naturally we reported the incident to eBay but I for one never heard a thing about it afterwards. So I assumed that he got away with it. Wouldn't surprise me if he did it several times.

Stephen said...

One thing is for sure, there's both good and bad on the ebay...

Thanks for the story, and thanks for posting all these goodies.

Hrangue said...


I thought I was in a similar bind last month, but it did end up working out.

I stopped using Ebay for years because I had some shady experiences back in 03-04. Luckily, I haven't taken a major loss on Ebay yet and I'm not trying to. I might just stop leaving comments. I'm not a seller or anything. My little 30 ish stars won't make or break anything, but I'm tired of sellers leeching comments too.


It's hard to keep the quality consistent, but I'll keep trying.

dom said...

£6 p&p for an LP? Unbelievable.

I've bought records on ebay before that were poorly packaged ( bent corners, naturally ), even from ppl who specialise in just selling records. All ppl need do is use stiff cardboard, it's just laziness & lack of care. Needless damage annoys me intensely.
I once bought an lp described as "near mint", that had a worn cover. Buying on ebay can be hit & miss.
I sell on ebay & I make a point of providing a very good service, just because customer service in the UK is so poor.

dom said...

her p&p charge for the lps she's currently selling is £2.50.

you should've given a negative as the corners are knackered, but what use is the system if you receive a negative in reply out of spite? sellers can no longer leave negatives however.

I think ppl are entitled to neg a seller for that kind of neglect.

Hrangue said...

What's funny is that I got my very first record back in August of last year (and I'm new to records. I was just a small child when they were mainstream) and it was WARPED TO HELL... didn't have a plastic slip, or a paper sleeve but I was still happy to have it because I didn't know better. I wasn't even sure how good it was supposed to sound until I got a second record which came with the works! Sleeve, slip, LP mailer, and 2 cardboard squares. I look back like wow that guy really did me dirty! This wasn't an Ebay transaction though it was "netsoundsandmusic."

As if the warp wasn't bad enough it had crazy static. Since I didn't have a clamp I had to improvise. I took a little casino change cup, poked a hole it, filled it with D batteries, and squeezed as tightly as possible to the platter and it still sounded pretty bad. But it's a good thing I didn't let that 1 bad experience turn me sour on records completely.

And you're absolutely right about people who "sell records online" for a living... some of them don't have a clue. They just want money.

delicado said...

Not a great outcome - she sounds pretty nasty.

I wonder how she would have reacted if you had contacted her before posting feedback pointing out the crap packaging and asking for some compensation. I think I would have tried that first.

Failing that I definitely would have given her a negative - why lie! I feel your pain though.

Hrangue said...

She would have accused me of feedback extortion.

I was looking at my Ebay history and I have left like 62 feedbacks, yet I've only received 30. Isn't that lovely?

Anonymous said...

I do also know Jacquelyne123. The same story happened to me just ten months later.
Guess she loves it that way...