In a very interesting twist, I got 2 of the same rare LP. I gave the dealer the benefit of the doubt and I'm glad I kept my cool. It's not like me to slander anyone anyway I'm glad I was patient and didn't kick dirt on his name despite my coincidence. Unbelievably, both LPs arrived at the same time. The first took a month because the parcel came apart in transit and had to be resealed at the post office. I thought it was already on its way back to where it came from. Even more interestingly enough, I just had this happen to another LP of mine last week. What're the odds of it happening twice in a row? The other LP took just 3 days. I worked out a deal with the seller before anyone placed a bid and I thank him for accepting my proposition. You'll have to forgive me for being greedy (Ebay), but I will sell one or maybe both of them some time.

I'm contemplating whether I should create an online storefront and use Paypal or if I should sell on Ebay. I don't really like auctions (for selling) despite only having lost twice. I'm not really a dealer but I have quite a few LPs to unload for one reason or another. Most of my stuff that I'm willing to sell is already listed on Ebay anyway. I don't really believe in price fixing either, but I would like to turn some sort of profit. I'll see.

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