Philly Underground Mixtapes

I had way more of these than I thought and I'm going to keep them in THIS FOLDER! Like I said I'm not going to make posts for each new up because there would be too many and they would be too much of a distraction from what my blog is really about. In the bottom right spot of my list is where I'll keep the updates. It'll just say the persons/groups name. All of this stuff will be posted AS IS... no EQs... no re-tags... no track lists. If you're a hardcore fan, that stuff shouldn't matter too much anyway. I'm gonna start us off with Major Figgas. MF wasn't even my favorite group, but I can't mention Philly Underground and not give them props. From 98 all the way to the rise of Gillie I think they had like 50+ mixtapes. Check back now and then. And you can TRY and request something. If I have it I have it, if I don't I don't.

Left to right 1/2 of MF:(Bumpy Johnson, Ab Liva, Dutchman, Gillie)

I actually saw each of these guys in person at one time or another except Bump.

"GDK, trademark, CD Play."
-Gillie Da Kid


Mack Woodz said...

you forget Spade-0, Chops, Lil Ruckie, & Bianca. AllFlamerz.com

Hrangue said...

You're right... even Reese Rolx. I heard at some point there was some fall out between different people in the group for a number of reasons.

Hrangue said...

I'm glad people like Best of Gillie - First Round Draft Pick. I actually made that mix myself under an old handle. It's too bad I didn't know the first thing about bitrates back then. It covered everything Gillie from 98 til 03 (Appetizer Part 2). If you don't have it, get it.