To all my fellows out there checking for this mix, what's goin on daddy!? For the ladies, and I know you're out there, I'm so glad you could make it! This is how I started out. I didn't mean for Shaw Bros to take over the blog, but there's just so much of it. That doesn't mean majority rules. I can't even call this a mix anymore... IT'S A MENAGERIE NOW! So fellas I want you to get your mouthpiece on deck, pop your collar, lean your seat waaaaaay back, and cock your stingy brim panama so far to the right that you can only see out of one eye... now you're ready for Unravel. And ladies if you catch one of these fellows non-stop boppin, don't break your neck too hard, just be cool about it like you don't even care who concocted such an unbelievably fly ass menagerie... even though... you're just dying to find out.

Summed up in a few words, a lot of funky erotica with just a dash of panache.

I eventually did a back cover (right click and save if you want it) and after all of that fooling around I couldn't match up the colors right. Lol, maybe I shouldn't have. That's Jessica Alba by the way. I'm not really a fan, but it was a beautiful shot. And this one too.

01. Pino Donaggio - Jack Discovers Gunshot
02. Alessandro Alessandroni - Sophisticated
03. Piero Umiliani - Nostalgia
04. Jerry Goldsmith - Disco Strut
05. Jean Pierre Pouret - Introduction of Love
06. Barbara Moore - Go West
07. Frank McDonald & Chris Rae - Soul City Drive
08. Roger Webb - Open Horizon
09. John Tropea - Tambourine
10. Francis Lai - La Peur
11. Les Wanted - Camicas
12. Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson - For Real
13. Herbie Hancock - No Means Yes
14. Ok Ko - From France to Philly and Back
15. Takin' Dictation - Sex Starved Secretaries
16. Smood vs Natascha Grin - Principle of Love
17. Hrangue - And Rightfully So (It's A.R.S.)
18. Keith Mansfield - Good Vibrations
19. Janko Nilovic - Paris Deauville
20. Frank McDonald & Chris Rae - The Jam
21. Kunihiko Murai - Goyokiba's Theme
22. Johnny Scott - Motordown
23. Sakamoto, Evora, & Veloso - E Preciso Perdoar
24. Barbara Moore - Strongarm
25. Jean Pierre Pouret - Pussy Theme
26. Frank McDonald & Chris Rae - Slow Fuse


I have so many favorites in there I didn't even bother this time. Some of these have been chopped to my liking (and presumably yours too) for quality assurance. It took me a whole extra month to get my situation straight, but as a result I kept finding better tracks. It's at full capacity for flyness. It can't take another second of bom-chicka-wow-wow or ficka-ner-nert-nern. I'm good now. Some of this stuff is so funky I can't bop without sticking my tongue out. And what a way to celebrate Hatembargo's one year anniversary! Also, I'm working on a drama and suspense mix now, but again, I'm taking my time.

If not yours, then who else's,



Anonymous said...

iam the first comment in this mix!!!!
its an honor for me

ive just listen this mix AMAZING!!!!
never heard before the great hrangue is back with a very dope selection as usual

thanks a lot, you re a very nice guy

okko from france

Hrangue said...

Kudos to you Okko for contributing track 14. And thanks.

Brianiac said...

Congratulations on one year!

I can't wait to hear this mix. I love the way you set the mood for it. My collar's popped and ready! Thanks!

Mike said...

This mix is great. Amazing funky collection. Thanks.

Satchelmouth said...

Came for the Tropea Tambourine track stayed for the skillful mix.


Ruler Why said...

you are DA MAN!!!!!!!

Hrangue said...

Thanks everybody.


Tambourine is a monster of a track. Music can be different things to different people. I got the funniest vision when I first heard this track. I pictured a big crowd of people dancing and as it built up to the break the crowd parted the center and a little old man bussed out with some of the dopest moves and set that ish OFF!

Of all the stuff I posted I had to do the most work on this one, but I believe it paid off. The original had 2 bits of hillbilly electronica in it and I couldn't stomach it.

By all means, check out my handywork and listen to the original if that's what you were really after. Kudos to the late great Phylips for the original Tropea LP. It was one of his last posts. Here's the track. Enjoy. (direct DL)

alphabet said...

Ur really killin it!! Keep it up