Have I been had?

I've delayed my mix for quite a while because I've been waiting on one record. 17 days ago I paid for it. I don't want to say what it is because the competition to get it may be even more fierce if it ends up getting re-listed. This bidding was crazy already. I'm suspicious though that there may be some foul play involved. The dealer had a 100% Ebay rating (with a brief history) 2 weeks ago, but now his rating has dropped almost 20% with 3 consecutive bad ratings that fall within the time frame I ordered my record. I asked the people who left the ratings what their experiences have been with this guy. I'm awaiting responses. He was quick to respond when I had questions but now that the money is spent he's quiet. I always wonder, when people disappear like that from Ebay... if they aren't a scammer if maybe they're in jail. Anyway, I had extremely high expectations and would simply like the record, despite spending A LOT of money on it. I only intended to include one track for the comp. I'll keep you all posted. Wish me the best because I'm sure this is funny business.

One guy got back to me right as I finished this post and he told me I'm the second person to ask him about this dealer so I guess this record won't be coming. Never in my life would I have dreamed of spending so much money on a record and then come to find out I've been duped. If it does come out that this guy is a scammer, I'll have no problem letting you all know who it is. If you really want to know, shoot me an email Hrangue@gmail.com.

Breaking news! The record has re-emerged so maybe it's not as rare as I thought but I must have it. I'm gonna go hard on the bidding.

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