Sophisticated Sounds for Partays Soirees and Shindigs

As you can see, I took off December. I was going to drop a mix, but I never got around to it. Today is New Year's... Happy New Years! So for the new year I figured I'd start off with a mix of a different kind. My last comp was a potpourri of library, samba, ost, and easy listening. This time I made it much more vocal. It's a blend of house, lounge, fusion, samba, and again... easy listening. There's something in here for every one sensible.

Sophisticated Sounds for Partays Soirees and Shindigs...


01. Freddy Gigele - Titel, Thesen, Temperamente
02. Les Gammas - Afternoon at Rossi's
03. Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy
04. Sidewinder - Afro Life
05. Tabitha Fair and Todd Cooper - Fly in the Freedom
06. Waiwan - Goddess
07. Kim Hoorweg - Never Again
08. Rosalia De Souza - Saudosismo
09. Quant - Stimulus
10. Ilya - Bellissimo
11. Hideki Okugawa - Twilight
12. Azymuth - Face De Conta
13. P'taah - Hold You Close
14. Jean Pierre Sabar - Vai Vai
15. Qalo Mota - Heartbeat
16. Jamiroquai - Digeridoo
17. Yutaka - Evening Star
18. Sade - Paradise

If you're a young person and want to impress your parents (or maybe your significant other's parents) with your budding maturity, this wordly mix is for you. I'm starting to take a liking to this sort of music, if you have recommendations let me know. Mike has been in my ear for a little while and I thank him. More library, more soul, and more instrumentals to come!


Mike said...

That took long enough -- about 7 attempts or so before stupid Rapidshare allowed me to DL it.

Looks like another great mix you put together. If you want, I can help create a mix, perhaps a game mix (you were talking about that before). It would be fun to put together; I've certainly got the resources necessary.

Hrangue said...

Sure we can collaborate. I don't game much, but I do have many tracks. I'm not sure if developers have been stepping up the music, but I've been curious.

And I too had some troubles with RS around that time. I recently switched to a higher speed internet. (Clear 4G) RS isn't as fast now... I think megaupload has been the fastest since the switch, but I don't have an MU account.

Mike said...

Right on. I'll e-mail you tomorrow.

raremarc said...

another great compilation, you are very productive :)
and have a really good ear,
congratulations and thanks!

Hrangue said...

Thank you. I have a new one coming early next week. Stay tuned!