I'm ruined for the time being...

I recently switched ISPs to (Clear) and it was great at first, but after a while it turned to crap. I did everything I could do to make sure the problem wasn't on my end and eventually I did too much. I keep 90% of my files in desktop folders and after fooling around with my registry my documents and desktop disappeared. I searched and found them in a temporary folder. I then copied them to where they are supposed to be and after restarting they're all gone. All that remains is shortcuts.

My system restore wasn't set like I thought it was. So I tried a recovery program and while it works... the most important stuff... my most recent stuff is corrupted or unrecoverable. I spent a lot of time working on vector art and a major project I was doing between my fall and spring semesters has been cut in half. I've lost 50-60 hours of work.

As far as my music and the blog. I was working on a game mix with avid reader DJ Mike and just as I was wrapping up my half of the project this happens. Nearly all of my files are corrupt and most of his. On the plus side, I can get them all back, but I think people underestimate how much time goes into this. Compiling, EQing, tagging, uploading, and actually posting. And this mix is over 60 files (double disc). I wasn't in a hurry to release it, but now it will definitely take a while to get things back in order. I even got some new library tracks which are now mostly corrupt.

My semester starts tomorrow and I really won't have time to get back in the swing of the things like I want (re-rip/download, re-eq, re-tag, etc.) . I have 1000's of files to browse though and decide what to salvage as I don't have space to just copy it all on an external HD. I'm still trying to find out if there's a way to either repair the files or to back track. It's very annoying that in addition to my recent files being harmed, many old and random files were effected too.

I don't even want to look at this computer right now. It's like my child. I'm not mad, but I'm really disappointed.


Mike said...

I don't understand. So you switched your ISP and then your computer began turning to crap. Was something wrong with your previous ISP? How old is your computer? Why were you messing around with the registry? Did you know what you were doing, and that you could save a backup copy of your complete registry (especially important when you intend to make some changes)? If your system restore wasn't set properly you'd have little-to-no chance of recovery.

That said, people are always advertising revory programs up the wazoo. How well they work, however, depends less on the program and more upon the current state of your HD than anything else. Sorry for your loss; it sounds like you lost almost everything. I do hope you were using your smarts and backing up all your files onto CD and/or DVD like I always do.

And I'm taking it that you'll be needing me to resend everything. I'll do so once everything is good on your end of the spectrum.

Hrangue said...

My internet connection turned to crap. My previous ISP was just outdated I wanted something faster. This laptop is about 8 months old. And yeah I've backed up my registry in the past, but this time I used a program that was supposed to tweak my internet. And it didn't back up.

Afterwards, the program disappeared when I used the recovery software. I didn't lose everything, just my most recent stuff (which I needed most) and random other files. Everything else is either not that important or I have it on my other computer. My Xihong library was wiped out, but luckily I have it backed up twice on my desktop, my HDD, and online. Anything I've posted here can easily be downloaded again.

The thing about my art is that I have backed some of it up in the past (last month), but just not the most recent stuff (the best stuff). And I still have all of your files in my emails you don't need to resend. I still have my tracklist, but I need to reprocess/refind most of it.

If this internet worked as advertised none of this would have happened.

Mike said...

ALright then. It's good that you've still got most of your stuff. Since you have the extra time, do me a favor and switch two things around: 5 trades places with 6, and 18 trades with 20. That should do it. Thanks and look forward to your side of the mix.

Rick said...

Sorry about hearing you losing all that data on your computer. Glad your music was not lost as you had them backed up. Know how long and hard you have worked to collect it.

Hrangue said...

You know what Rick, I'm glad I sent you "that stuff" because if I didn't I would have to re-rip. Now I can just save from gmail.

I am seeing the bright side though. I do character art and while I was quite proud of what I did, I can't do the exact same thing again... I can do something better though. Most of all I'm relieved that it wasn't for a client and it wasn't for school so it almost like I can afford this misfortune and still relatively unharmed.

I even lost my shaw bros master source list. I've kept a list of every LP used for every movie (that I know of) I have a partial list on my old pc though. But the latest one was like 20 pages long though. It's cool though, I still have some good things going for myself, but I go hard at my hobbies. So it's going to sting for a little while.

Hrangue said...

And still things manage to get worse. This is really a bad week for me. The extra drive I backed up all my stuff on (Iomega 320GB) is now corrupt. It happened the same day I added my last comment. It was working fine and I unplugged it like I normally would and then I go to plug it in again and it says malfunction.

I'm ready to just get Windows 7. I can't win right now with Vista (or Iomega). I still have 1 more extra HD 500GB I can use to back up files, but it doesn't have nearly as much space free. And if this one died I would cry a river because it has my collection of kungfu movies and an untold amount of music that is no longer a backup, but as a last line of defense.

I can't help but laugh right now. It's times like this when I wish I had an outdoor hobby. Oh yeah and I just got turned down for an internship. I'm on a roll. Next week is going to be fantastic.

Mike said...

As soon as is possible, you should back-up your stuff onto DVDs, perhaps Blu-rays. That way there's no risk of corruption because they can be stored away in a safe place.

Another option is to find somebody who can fix it for you. There are places around which specialize in computer repair, as well as people who work from their apartments or whatnot. It's probably a loose head or something on the HD, or perhaps a malfunction somewhere between the cable and the HD, i.e. not reading sectors properly.

If I were to have it repaired, I'd insist on monitoring it as it's done to ensure that nothing gets mysteriously syphoned.

Hrangue said...

I don't trust those repair guys. As for the drive... I ran my recovery program again and I got what I could get. Some stuff was corrupted even further, but I'm satisfied that I salvaged some good stuff to another much smaller usb (8gb).

I just remembered that I have my own server so I'm going to upload the stuff I salvaged now that I finally get good upload speeds. After I'm sure my files are ok I'll see about reformatting the drive.

Overall, that's a hard pill to swallow... saving 8gb out of ~250gb. But it just goes to show how much clutter I had. I was hoarding files.

Mike said...

Even if you do reformat the HD, unless it was a malfunction brought on by a virus/malware/spyware or maybe a program-generated conflict, if it's externally damaged then you can be sure it will resurface again should you decide to use the same HD again for the same purpose. If put into your position I would most definitely opt to buy a new HD, perhaps even try one of those SSDs (Solid State Drive).

Hrangue said...

It's still under warranty so maybe Dell will see things my way. I have a Dell account that I use to pay for it. It's not even paid up, but I think you're right about getting something else.