Added 25 Philly Underground Mixtapes...

I wanted to put up some local mixes way back, but uploading was a pain. Now that I've switched ISPs and it finally works how it supposed to I got that stuff upped. I have much more. Here's who's included in this update...

Sandman (w/ Cannon Clique)
Lil Chick
Big Star (2 Raw for the Streets)
Chic Raw
Joey Jihad
Meek Millz
Kre Forch
Scrap Metal
Lil Frank

And there are a few with various artists. I have so much stuff on CD that I'll be getting rid of soon. Some of it I'll rip and add to the RS FOLDER. I have plenty of classics from people such as: Jakk Frost, State Property, Crime Family, Nina Ross, Last Donna, Mackie (Red), Elliot Ness, and more. Plus I need space. All of this stuff is getting deleted off my HD. You better get what you can get while you can get it. Check back!


Ron Wilson said...

hey anyway I can a copy of the crime family mixtapes... cant find em anywhere? b much appreciated

Hrangue said...

I'll see if I still have those... I was thinkin about Crime Family lately with the Straight Outta Compton movie. Crime Fam had a joint called "Straight Outta Cumberland"