A Re-turn for the Worst

This is actually a re-up of the 2008 original. It was a great time of discovery for Shaw Bros music... it's actually when I first starting posting it. This was the first compilation that I really had Shaw Bros music weaved into. I didn't even know all of the original track names. That's why it's "Eric Towren" heavy near the beginning. It was originally formatted to fit on a CD, but no longer. I've replaced a number of the tracks with better quality rips. My "5 faves" that I used to highlight back in the day are quite different now even though this is the same mix.

It's one of my absolute favorites because much of this is music that I grew up with rather than the stuff that I've come to love over the past 4 or 5 years. And towards the end of last year I was actually thinking of doing a new volume. Just as moody... just as sinister... just as uneasy. I want to do uneasy listening JUSTICE! If you trust my ear, maybe I can make it happen.

I won't tell you who he is if you don't know already, but the guy on the cover is the perfect example of your worst nightmare coming back on you. Kudos to you if you know who it is, but there's no music from that film on this comp.

Otherwise... enjoy.


Your Pal Doug said...

I've never taken one of your Shaw Brothers soundtracks. I've never seen a Shaw Brothers movie. You said that you grew up with this music. I never grew up.
Thanks for re-upping it and all the hard work that went into finding it and putting it together,

Hrangue said...

Thanks Doug. I grew up with most... but not all of this. Some of it is film some anime some game and definitely some kungfu, but the rest just fit the mood.

Hrangue said...

BTW, Doug... it's great music in itself. I can't imagine how people just checked it out to see what it's about not having seen the movies. Sure, certain cues have more significance to us fans.

Those of us who are more hardcore about it obsess over things like how many movies a cue was used in, how often it was used, and which film used it best. But overall, fans of library music and drama alike will certainly find something of interest. You're not alone in that you have a taste for the lighter cues. The 2 people who helped me with the latest volume do as well. It's a healthy balance.

Anonymous said...

First off, thank you thank you thank you.

I've gone through all 5 parts of the Shaw Bros. encore drop, but can't seem to find what I'm craving.

Can someone please tell me the name of or where the composition of the opening fight scene to Shao lin yu Wu dang (Shaolin vs. Wu Tang) can be found.

Please help!

Hrangue said...

I've found well over 1000 Shaw Bros tracks. Have a look at the "MF Folder" in the list to the right. For now, here's what you're looking for. Enjoy.


Hrangue said...

I had to re-read what you said there. I never actually posted this track because the CD was new at the time. I did have this on vinyl and have since sold it. So yeah... anything that was on the CD comp I haven't posted unless I had it on vinyl already.

Anonymous said...

An ear-to-ear grin right now.

It's been years since I've seen this flick and I recently listened to the Premo/Ghostface joint and I couldn't get past the intro after numerous replays. This is my fav gym track right now. Seem to push more weight when this is blaring in my ear lobes, like I'm getting ready for battle.

You're ok in my book, filed under 'Respected'.

Hrangue said...

No problem, I'll have to look into it. I heard that either GFK or Raekwon's new joint had a lot of movie samples like the older Wu stuff.