Adventures in Ebay: A Rant... nothing surprises me.

People act so funny when it comes to IDing audio (or requests in general). Not long ago I posted a comment on a blog asking a VERY specific question. This blog posts LP covers only and not music. No problem. They had 3 people listed as contributors. Do you mean to tell me that between 3 contributors I was asking too much? Have you actually heard it? I asked ONE OF them to email me and I would link or send them the file (not Police Force). Do you know what they did? They just deleted it like Google China.

Here's what I asked them... there's a certain RCA LP I found listed on the blog with front cover, back cover, and a photo of the vinyl. I have every track on this vinyl from elsewhere except for TWO. I had a few cues prepared and I was gonna ask if one of the two in particular were the same as my cues. It's like playing GO FISH! HEY GOT TRACK 7? EH... go fish. I really didn't expect a reply because people usually don't reply, but to delete the whole post (2-3 posts one for each cover) as if it never happened. How passive aggressive IS THAT!?

There's no excuse. A simple "No" or "sorry" would have sufficed. I'm not a spammer. I KNOW what spammers are about. There are spammers in my Cbox right now. They think I don't know. This is why people go into lurking and I don't blame them. The only possible reason I can think of to react like that is they thought I was an agent of the label. Yeah right.

Why did I ask to begin with? The LP is rare, but the price isn't justified as most of the tracks are easily available so really only 2 are rare. The cover is cool, but other than that it's not a big deal. One track is probably a dud from what I saw on the description (Esodo Cinese). The other (Repressione) is the one in question. Both are from an RCA/IT LP that hasn't been re-released via CD and I suppose it was never commercially available (by Romolo Grano... Ca Ira Il Fiume Della Rivolta). I'm not paying top dollar if I don't need to. In an unbelievable twist of fate the same LP pops up on Ebay 2 weeks later. I didn't bid because I wasn't willing to take that risk. It ended selling for a fairly low price. I don't feel as though I really missed out, but it would seem unlikely that the record should appear during a time when I could have the truth about it. Thanks for nothing, but I'm glad someone got it for a reasonable price.

If they thought I was a scumbag or whatever for whatever reason they may have and they could actually say that, I'd appreciate the honesty I really would. I'm not in the business of changing minds. You can think what you want. Self righteousness runs rampant in the vinyl community. There are barriers of nationality, language, legality, race, age, location, and even status. I said this a couple of years ago on Phylips' blog. These audiophiles out there on these high horses WILL download your stuff, but they will deny it to the death and even condemn the act altogether.


Mike said...

I wonder which blog that is? It's amazing how many of those guys go snooping around downloading everything in sight, but when something is asked of them, they become tightwads. More and more I'm finding that these 'communities' are becoming more and more exclusive, not dissimilar to how selfish rich people act. The logic is the same: The more they have, the less they share. This defeats the purpose of having a music "community" of any sort.

What's funny is that they advertise the records on the site with the front/back label. What's the point in showing people their collection? So they can stroke their ego?

Hrangue said...

Here's the thing Mike... there is a library music blog out there that does the same thing, but they give a BRIEF disclaimer. There's nothing wrong with just posting covers for art's sake. If I remember correctly this guy posts front covers only... makes sense doesn't it? I can even appreciate back covers and vinyl shots. It makes all the difference in what I do.

Now if he did what these other guys did, he would have deleted a third of his posts. Before he put up his disclaimer people were asking all the time... "how do I download... is there a trick... where's the file... how do I get it?"

I've never turned away any legit person from this blog. I do draw the line somewhere, but I at least hear them out. Here's another great scenario. I found some Irish guy who has an officially printed discography for the records I collect. For the first couple years I had nothing but track names to go by. These sheets would have been a magic bullet. I could've saved nearly a $1000 by not buying the wrong records.

This guy shows me a couple so I know he's legit. I follow up with another email and poof... he's gone. I did one more follow up like a month later and nothing. Maybe he went to prison? Maybe he died? Maybe he started a covers only vinyl blog.

Anyway, I don't have any more renegade mystery tracks. It's all by ear from here.

Mike said...

All in all too weird for me. Thankfully I'm not as heavily into the library scene as other people. Otherwise I'd be pulling my hair out trying to deal with these buffoons.

m0neymizzle said...

Wow i was wondering the same thing hrangue. I Came across that same blog plenty of times and wondered if there was some kind of way for downloads on any of them but nothing.

If there not for sale, sharity or at least common facts on each record it is pretty much pointless to even have them up there.

Well not everyone who downloads from blogs are shady out there. Much thanks to you and the many others who have such generosity for doing so

Hrangue said...

People definitely know some things, but they only comment if many other people comment. I'm sure a true blog discussion could be had about certain records, but it tends to be throwaway culture or a culture of hoarding.

Hrangue said...

The blog has actually re-emerged with my comment in tact. They still didn't pay me any mind though.

Zer0_II said...

You have peaked my curiosity as to who this blogger might be. Chances are I probably know them and could get in touch with them for you. They may have simply overlooked your comment, but that is unlikely if they have comment moderation enabled on their blog.

I've never understood the attitude some music bloggers have. There is a level of snobbery and elitism that prevails on blogs that primarily share library music, vintage vinyl rips and the like, which simply doesn't exist on other music blogs. Some of them act as if they are the artist who created the record themselves. They seem to have forgotten why they started sharing music in the first place, or perhaps their goal was to have their ego stroked from the beginning. In any case, they seem to make themselves and their own actions to be more important than the music itself. To me, music blogging is about putting the art and music on a pedestal, not the other way around. I want to introduce others to the music that has brought me so much joy over the years, and pay homage to the artists that don't receive a fraction of the attention they deserve. I don't care if I get credit for a rip, or if no one comments on my posts, just as long as the artist in question receives some recognition.

Hrangue said...

I've been able to lower my guard some and I've gotten to know a few righteous people who are genuine about discussing vinyl or making trades, but still a certain attitude prevails.

It blows my mind though, that people can be so stand offish about simply sharing INFO. I've had some people treat me like I'm trying to pull a fast one just by asking a question. I may not be crate digging among skeletons in the oubliettes of France (like everybody else right?), but the financial commitment I've made should count for something especially when my currency is on the losing end. It only gets more expensive from here (in regards to RCA IT).

Overall, I've since discovered styles of music that better suit my taste (ie. what's playing now). IMO some of the top/rarest records don't sound better than this... at least not to me.

And here's the link... formerly myjazzworld

Judging from the number of posts there, it was probably overlooked.