Industrial Complex - 1969


At first I tried to get this LP from a guy on GEMM and I asked him if he could watch a youtube clip and tell me if the music was on there. (this track "Recoil" was supposed to be comped on Kungfu Super Sounds and they somehow switched it with a wack track.) He said he watched it and it wasn't on there. You lazy liar you... I had someone do the same exact thing with "The Music of Stanley Black." The exact track I wanted was on there and they said it wasn't supposedly after hearing a clip. Is it really too much to ask? Are you trying to make money or not? I've had people flat out ignore me too. The worst was when someone accused me of being a casino spammer.

This one is a bit more edgier than Industrial Project. The styles are similar (most were at the time).


m0neymizzle said...

im not sure who u are but i cant thank u enough for the great el sharez ,,, would you happen to have any other records fron the sylvester label??

Hrangue said...

Eh, I'm nobody just a guy compiling Shaw Bros music (just need 1 more record). I'm kinda on my way out as a music blogger. I do have a few more LP posts coming this summer... 2 Sylvesters (I haven't decided which) among other things. Enjoy!

m0neymizzle said...

knock it off bro you need to give yourself more props , some of this stuff isnt all that easy to digg up and i really appreciate the efforts of bloggers who share good rarities ,,, hmmm two sylvesters huh that would be great if you could upload both but i,d be happy with whatever u would be willing to share thanx man