Big Fire Orchestral: The Best of Giant Robo

It's been about 10 years now since that day. I was an anime/videogame dork (sophmore in highschool) and after school I stopped in at a local haven that catered particularly to such persons. Without spending a dime, it was still a cool place to hang out. I was that annoying kid that would come into the game store every week and ask when a certain game would be available. I bet they wish they had internet back then. So on this particular day everybody was watching some anime I never heard of. I was very narrowminded on my anime... I liked what I liked. But I glanced over for a second and I couldn't look away. The characters were so cool, the animation so retro, and then there's the music... it was amazing. So I asked the name of it and bought that exact tape only to find out it was the end of the series. It was called Giant Robo and I knew it was something special.

The Magnificent Ten (mostly)

For one, it took quite a few years for "them" to make only 7 episodes. Each episode was like a mini movie and each had its own soundtrack. So I looked all over and eventually got them all. I then tracked down the OSTs which were rare even then. I managed to get 3 via online shopping and I found the rest on Napster. To this day... aside from Shaw Bros music... this is still the best music I've ever heard. I was working on Underscoreology No2 and naturally I wanted to use some GR tracks (I have about 100), but as the comp started coming together the more I realized nothing else would compare. It would be too out of place. I've used some GR in Underscoreology No1 and A Turn for the Worst, but I was really holding back. It's good stuff but negligible compared to the whole collection. I've included those previous tracks anyway.

I haven't been into anime for a long time (about 7 years), but when I look back, I still love Giant Robo. I've always had a thing for villains and it's interesting that among the villains there were good ones and bad ones. To top it off, most of them wore business suits. HOW COOL IS THAT!? The robots really played a small part in the series, it was mostly the characters who drove the story.

Organization Big Fire (minus a few people) Click for fullsize.

And by the way this is my scan/edit. I actually started typing this post 2 weeks ago and I got so hyped up I ordered the new art book which is even better than the old one I always wanted. The kid, Lord Big Fire is the leader and the most dangerous. I think he can kill people just by thinking about it... or something like that lol. These characters are dangerous overall, only a handful of them actual did any fighting in the whole series. And 1 was dead before the series started... Cervantes here.

The Best of Giant Robo

01. Taiso's Counterattack (extended)
02. Lord Alberto's Attack
03. Big Group Parading Around
04. Line of Death - Kenji Murasame
05. The Inversion
06. Suppress Manhood! Experts Battle Above!
07. Battle of the Snowy Mountains
08. Dr. Shizuma's Compensation
09. Phantom Night's Ambition
10. Magnificent Ten Attack!
11. Big Fire Appears
12. Symphonic Action Time
13. Cataclysm Over Paris
14. The Truth About Bashtarlle
15. Darkness Covers the Beijing Sky
16. The Eye of Volger
17. Emmanuelle and Famelle
18. Shizuma Drive's 10th Year Balance Sheet
19. Suppress Manhood! Girder Mountain Sight
20. Train Chase
21. Big Production's Decision

All tracks are composed by Masamichi Amano and performed by The Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. These tracks have more variation than you can handle. I assure you.


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