The Best of Erotic Lounge

I came across this full series of CDs in my search for something funky. It's not quite what I expected, but I did find one monster track and I've already used this one in Unravel. I'm talking Smood vs Natascha Grin - Principle of Love. There were some others that struck me right away, but this was what I needed. Recently I've gone through all the volumes and taken another listen. While this isn't my thing, there's no reason it can't be. As my search for good library music dries up, I can see myself transitioning into this lounge stuff.

Also, it doesn't really come off as "erotic" to me. Maybe I set the bar too high, but either way it's good music. The series spans 7 volumes and most have 2 CDs so it was hard to narrow it down to what I thought was the best. It's full of smooth worldly music. Some have lyrics, some have just scat vocals, and some sound like "too sexy for my shirt." I steered clear of anything that sounds too much like a fashion runway. And there are some cool "covers" of past hits too. And like I used to do, my faves are bolded.

Every cover is maaaaad sexeh. If this were pre-Internet times, these would sell out on packaging alone.

The Best of Erotic Lounge...

01. Naoki Kenji and Asheni - Tonight
02. Kieser Velten featuring Jen - Together
03. Roberto Sol and Chris Le Blanc featuring Ines - Sueno De Amor
04. Fous De La Mer featuring Sol - Never Stop Loving
05. Ian Pooley featuring Marcos Valie - Sentimento
06. Riovolt - It Ain't Over til It's Over
07. Dj Monique vs Stephen Le Coque - You're Like an Angel
08. Solar Moon featuring Jen - Inside Out
09. Funkorama - Funkachild
10. Trinah - Let's Stay Together
11. Thievery Corporation - It Takes a Thief
12. Tr├╝by Trio featuring Marcus Begg - Universal Love (Arme Rootdown Round Midnite Mix)
13. Farida - Entao Eu Vou
14. Shakedown - At Night (Afterlife Remix)
15. S-Tone Inc. - In the Mood for Love
16. Audio Lotion - Jacuzzi Jazz (DJ Mix)

This cover of Al Green's Let's Stay Together (by Trinah) is amazing! I would LOVE to see this performed live. It's the best cover I've ever heard. If I hadn't have forgotten about it at first, it probably would have been on Unravel with Principle of Love. Also, I cut the midsection of Principle of Love to fit more stuff on the menagerie. Here is the full version. And my favorite disque of the series by far is Volume 5 - Secret Affairs. I honestly forget where I found them (I may have gotten them from the Russians), but I'm sure Google will turn them up with no problem if you're interested after hearing this small comp.

I would think that those of you who have stuck by me this long have confidence in my taste, and that even if it isn't library you'll still enjoy it (given it isn't hardcore underground rap lol.)


Anonymous said...

ho no!!!!!!!!!
its incredible an other selection by my friend hrangue!!!!!!
so smooth so sweet....
like we love
we love ure blog and we are a lot to come to listen those gems
thank bro


totalrod2 said...
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totalrod2 said...

Hatembargo, I'm sorry to have to post my question here, but there's no other way of contacting you! My question is about an old library LP you purchased last fall: Jack Trombey's "14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No. 2". Have you ripped this album yet? I'd really like to have a copy of the song "Homeward Bound" if possibe. It's a tough one to find. I'll Paypal you a few bucks for your trouble if you'd like. Would you mind uploading an mp3 of that song for me?

Hrangue said...

This issue has been resolved. And thanks Okko.

Anonymous said...
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Juan Alberto said...

Excelente......un abrazo desde Chile