Xihong Library Most Wanted! APB on Super Ninjas!

After hearing sooooooo much music I still haven't found some of the stuff I've been looking for since day one. Honestly if I had found these cues first, I may have quit right then and there so I guess it's good that I didn't. Still, they feel unreachable. And I'm not even counting the older stuff. I've asked many a seller if they've even HEARD these tunes before and every time, the answer is no. I still have my suspicions, but they are proving to be costly. Anyway here's the list. If you've downloaded Xihong library then you have them already... but please reconsider if you get any ideas from these clues.

Thanks to Mr. T of Asian Cinema Scores, "APB on John Rambo" was very productive, but I understand this is a much greater challenge.


MOST WANTED! - 5 Element Ninjas - Nice to Meet You

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To me, this is one of the coolest scenes ever in the history of kungfu movies and the action is already over. I had to immortalize it by making a wallpaper (a year or 2 ago). Kembuchi was really a shallow character, but it was the cinematography that brought him to life and the atmosphere that made him IMO a timeless villain. Chen Hui Min played other good villains in Judgement of an Assassin, The Proud Youth, and to a lesser extent, My Rebellious Son. But Kembuchi was the role he was made for.

Skip to 4:05.

The only other movie I've heard this in was "My Rebellious Son." It even features the same actor Chen Hui Min, playing another samurai role. Coincidentally, both movies came out in 1982. I honestly don't think this means anything, but it could! This one really threw me for a loop. Like I said in a previous post, it sounds just like something from Derek Laren's Episodes From the Bible. In the context of Xihong Library listen to Shaolin Intruders - The Prophets of Israel. It's so painfully obvious! But! It's possible some one else did it in Derek Laren's style. I even went through the trouble of getting every LP I could with him on it (within reason). And it's possible that this is actually 2 different tracks, but the theme is consistent.

Music for a Historical Era
Orchestral Moods
Episodes From the Bible No1
Episodes From the Bible No2
and more I can't quite remember...

New Info! I just checked out Shaolin Intruders again and this track is in this movie too with another common track. I wonder why they waited 'til the 80's to use these.

NUMBER 2! - 2 Champions of Shaolin - Finale

This movie came out in 1979 and this cue was used in many movies. The ones I remember off the top are: Legend of the Fox, To Kill a Mastermind, Brave Archer 3, and Shaolin Prince to name a few. I'm thinking this could be an obscure RCA Library release. It's killing me. I have found some of these rare RCAs for sale but I'm not ready to make that leap of faith because it's not the "Azione" series. It seems legendary at this point.

NUMBER 3! - 5 Element Ninjas - The Wood

This one dates back to 1976 at the latest (36th Chamber of Shaolin). I suspect it's from the same LP as this track used in the intro to "Animals are Beautiful People (1974)," because it's used in 5 Element Ninjas also. Look up 5 Element Ninjas - Fallen Petals. Here's a preview clip to the intro. I seriously suspect Edouard Michael's Quatorze Pittoresques Pour Orchestre. He has a VERY similar sound on Sept Preludes Symphoniques and that track was used in 5 Element Ninjas too! Refer to 5 Element Ninjas - Chant Plaintiff.
Also, see track 2 of this new Monty Python Comp. I could not care less about Monty Python, but it has the first bit of sound I've ever been able to hear from 14 Pictorial Sketches for Orchestra No1. From the clip I heard, I still think it might be a winner.

NUMBER 4! - 5 Element Ninjas Intro

This is 2 separate tracks in 1 and it's the only movie I recall hearing either of them. So I'm guessing this is a later LP. I planned to buy an LP on Ebay called "High Adventure." I asked the seller when the LP came out and if they would mind listening to my clips to see if it had my sounds. No answer. I guess I was asking too much. It emerged again as a piece of a 10 LP lot. No way. I was down for the buying but $50 shipping for 10 LPs. I think there is a better way. Plus! I listened to some of the tracks from the sample site and like they always do... they put up the lamest tracks. So I wasn't sold on this leap of faith either. The track titles that catch my eye are always the ones they leave out. Oh well... It kinda pissed me off that one track from the movie (a main theme) was from an LP filled with otherwise completely unrelated music. Refer to 5 Element Ninjas - Birth of a Man (Nomination LP).

New Info! So I've been browsing my movies to find new stuff and to connect dots and I've made an interesting discovery. The second part of the Super Ninjas intro was used in an SB movie called The Murder Plot. This movie came out in 79 so that helps somewhat by shaving off some more years. One LP that was used in this movie is World War One. I don't have it, but I've heard most of it. I don't think they coincide, but I would be mad if it was the "winner" because of how many times I passed over that LP. This movie also has another track in common that I've never found or ripped. I can't be sure and that's disturbing so I think I'll get it to be on the safe side.

NUMBER 5! - Shanghai 13 - Black Eagle the Monster

This is like a wild card track. It can be from anywhere. It's very cool monster type music and worked well in the movie. Your guess is as good as mine.

I've even posted these on forums and not a single response to any of them. You didn't think I was this passionate about this did you? Well I am. So help me out.


Rick said...

For Number 3, I'm sure you already know this, but the Monty python clip you linked to is used in 36th Chambers of Shaolin


at about 2:20 minute into this youtube clip.

Still no luck on my 36th Chambers training music search. Anthony Mawer doesnt have too may ebay listings.

Hrangue said...

Rick I'm asleep at the wheel. Would you believe I didn't even notice? I'm telling you I have the greatest of gut feelings that ALL of these except number 5 are on that Edouard Michael LP. Edouard Michael is the only person I've heard who has done music similar to Derek Laren. If I didn't know better I would think their stuff was interchangeable. And again, the movies coincide. Aside from your training cue(s) I've ID all other music in 36 Chambers. There are good odds that the rest of it is altogether. I'm telling you this kills me! The cue you pointed out has 2 variations in Super Ninjas. Edouard Michael's Chant Plaintiff is a 3rd. AGH! Since I forgot 36 Chambers I would have definitely remembered it from Legend of the Bat when Mr. Bat tried to kill his mom.

I wish I knew how to get ahold of that inactive guy on GEMM.

As far as I know Mawer doesn't have any solo LPs. I've seen him on LPs that have many others though.

Hrangue said...

I meant all of the tracks except 4 and 5. I do have a feeling that even if this LP does pop up there might be some price gouging just because 1 of the tracks is on this CD comp.

I fell for a gouge 1 time and never will again.

Rick said...

Also just noticed track #8 on the Monty Python CD is from the opening of 36th Chambers.


Look at 1 minute into this clip

May be more good stuff on this CD??

Hrangue said...

Yeah this one I have. Derek Laren writes good stuff for trumpets. It's apart of Encore No5. Since tghe Monty Python comp won't be out for a while I don't have any alternative samples to listen to. I do have about a third of the tracks already though.

I forgot about the different drum tracks. I don't know the names, but I know what LP they're on.