Neither here nor there...

Well as you can see I organized some things and made them a bit easier to find. I have a couple of traditional library comps in the works, but I haven't quite put a theme to them yet. Encore No.4 is also in the works, but like I said I plan to take my time with this one. Notice "Berlin Wall?" It's a monster of a track! If I was a dictator or a tyrant, this would definitely be my press conference theme music.

I've been searching some different avenues for the Xihong Library, but it's proving to be a waste. Besides RCA Italy, the final frontier seems to be the 60's/70's Japanese libraries (Toho, Daiei, Toei, etc.) and the related King Records samurai soundtracks (Kica Library). This stuff sells for unjustifiably insane prices. To add insult to injury, there's usually no description whatsoever. I understand it's in Japanese and perhaps the dealers don't understand the language. Fair enough. So is the picture on the cover reason enough to charge $200+ USD for a CD with no description and no track list? Pffft.

AKIRA IFUKUBE CD!!11!! RARE!!!!1111!@!!! HURRY UP AND BUY!1111!!!!! $299.99!!

Where was I? Oh yeah, so otherwise I just feel like I'm in limbo so the next great thing is quite possibly just around the corner.


Ruler Why said...

"Berlin Wall" is absolutely jaw-dropping. please tell me you are including this in a future compilation. ;D

Hrangue said...

Absolutely. It's in Encore No4 which will be up in a week or 2. I'm waiting on 1 more record to see if it bears some fruit. This one sounds pretty raspy but I've cleaned it up. Some of the old mono rips just have that ear piercing sting in them no matter what.

Unless there's a superior vinyl restoration program out there I don't know about, it'll still have that "classic" sound to it. But some people like that.

Ryan said...

Personally speaking, the dirtier the better!! lol

I make hip hop beats, and I would be glad to show you a few with samples I've used from your amazing comps.


Hrangue said...

Sure, send an email or drop a link. I didn't even notice how much static I missed until recently I started EQing with ear-buds on full bass and treble. Before I was just going by the speakers.