Youtube Update - Finished Sooner Than Later

Well folks, I had a few things to say about Youtube when I posted the final Xihong Library. What I didn't know then, that I do know now is that was the last Youtube video. As of today, they deleted it and I got a copyright strike. This is first video I've ever had that was removed. Like I said last time, most of my other videos have copyright claims and are monetized by the claimants. What it boils down to is the company that really has the rights can't compete with the stuff that I do. It's a testament in itself (Why Can't We Defeat Shaolin Temple?) that they really felt the sting from this one and had to kill it in the crib. On an equal playing field... things like... "end fights," showdowns, the 5 best this, or the top 10 that are not going to beat any hard hitting compilation that I do. That stuff is old hat. I'm not even trying to compete with anybody.

I'm just a creative guy and what I did was just creative expression. Youtube being what it is everything gets dislikes. But I'm sure that most of my dislikes stemmed from non-creative people. This is unrelated as to why the video got deleted, but it's something I wanted to speak on. These movies are 30 and 40 years old. We've seen them 100's of times. As deep as I am into these hobbies, I don't actually WATCH the films because I'm so inundated in them that I can't actually enjoy them as they were meant to be (unless it's a different genre of Shaw Bros). I'm not here to bring you the same thing for the 101st time... the 210th time... or the 36th time!

I have this style of editing because that's what I need personally... I need to see the best parts, the most dramatic parts, the most graphic scenes, to enjoy it. Otherwise, my tolerance is too high. At the same time, I can watch Shaw films that the average kungfu fan couldn't stand, because all they know is that kungfu genre. So non-creative people see my work as something "other" but not in a good way and that has always been fine with me. And it's funny to me that in centuries past... creativity was seen as something evil. Well so be it. If anything I think the opposite is true... the refusal... the denunciation of creativity is what's truly evil. What was dangerous then and just as much now is that you don't have to follow someone else's program/ing if you're creative.

So they deleted that one video (Why Can't We Defeat Shaolin Temple?), I have one that's banned in about 20 countries (Venoms Mob Hits), and one that's banned worldwide (What Up My Ninja!?). I'm not doing any more. I guess that's good timing. I covered everything that was important to me. Anything more would be for the community. The compilations are something I bring to the table based on my experience and my taste level. I can't just jump into the Ocean Shores or the Golden Harvest library and do stuff just as good because I haven't grown with those companies. Maybe it would look good, but it would lack that authenticity. It sounds arrogant, but if I didn't do those videos no one else was going to. It's something I dreamed about since I was a child. So even if it was just for a few years. I got to realize a small piece of my dream.

As for my channel... "Hrangue" (ie. my artist persona) what's to stop it from being deleted? Nothing. Enjoy what you can while you can. Anyone looking to discuss this further contact me at hrangue@gmail.com.

-PS- I also understand that business is business. Youtube is enforcing copyright laws for a country that has never had an iota of respect for anything copyrighted. It wouldn't surprise me if all my stuff was re-uploaded on Chinese youtube.

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