Encore No4 - Part3

Here's a cool story. I saw a contemporary Shaw Bros movie called "The Criminals." It's similar to "Trilogy of Swordsmanship," but it's modern. The last and best installment is called "The Stuntsmen" starring Lo Lieh, Ku Feng, and Wong Yu. At one point there was a pretty average chase scene with way above and beyond average chase music. When I first started out with Xihong Library most of my stuff was ripped right from movies. After coming a loooooonnnnng way, I pretty much stopped doing that. So I thought, I should rip this but I decided against it.

A little while ago, a very cool track popped up on Mr. Paul Durango's blog courtesy of Litlgrey and Devan. It's called "Junction" and it's by Vic Flick on the Bosworth label. The other tracks from that particular LP (Romantic Strings & Dramatic Melodies) paled in comparison. It was Vic's only offering too. It went right into my ever changing blaxploitation personal fave compilation.

Today Mr. T sent me some more tips after the fact that I posted Encore No4. I started sourcing his leads and one thing lead to another and I ended up "skimming" The Stuntsmen to finally rip that cool chase music. You all are smart people right? Of course you are. You already know that the very same music in the movie is the very same Vic Flick - Junction that I had on repeat for about 4 hours when I first heard it. Folks... my mind is blown. Me and the kungfu movies and the kungfu movies and me... are kindred spirits. I might change my name to "Shaw Xihong."

It's like an even better episode of deja vu. I had a similar experience with Rustichelli's L'Arresto (Big Brother Cheng). I used it in my Underscoreology comp only to find out months later that it was used in a Shaw Bros movie.

And besides that, there are a few tracks that sound terrible and I never noticed until I listened with full bass/treble ear-buds. I've added my own recently acquired rips. I did find some miscellaneous stuff at the last minute too and some others I just forgot. Anyway, this is the 3rd part of Encore No4.

2 Champions of Shaolin
3 Evil Masters
8 Diagram Polefighter
Clan of Amazons
Human Lanterns
My Rebellious Son
Rebel Intruders
The Criminals
Shaolin Prince
Tigress of Shaolin
Village of Tigers
What Price Honesty

Part 3

Normally, I would've kept quiet and just let it be the start of Encore No5, but I'm not buying any more records for a while unless it comes from my short list of wants.

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Hrangue said...

I said I was going to stop buying records, but it's easier said than done.