What Up My Ninja!? -Farther East Meets Far East- Video

So here's something a bit different... I'm not just about the music. I've made a few Shaw Bros video compilations. This is my latest and it's the one that "didn't make it" onto youtube. There really hasn't been a better alternative so I'll just share it here. It's an hour long (1.5GB) and I put a lot of work into it... too much for it not to be seen.

What Up My Ninja!? is basically a loose telling of Japan vs China through the lens and talents of the Shaws.

If you're a fan of the Venoms, be sure to check out my Lu Feng video too. And here's my page. Of course there's a Xihong video! These were strictly a labor of love... sometimes I think it would've been my dream job to be editor and sound guy for these. And it's not as though many of them need changing.

Last, if you've liked all the Xihong Library we've put together over the years... you'll definitely appreciate these vids for the music. Subscribe if you like them.


Until now, this one has only been seen by a handful of people.

-PS- Me and Klaus have made some tremendous progress on this year's Xihong Library. I don't think I'm gonna wait til the holidays to put it out like I normally would. We'll see...


Shaolincentrum Haarlem said...

Thank you for al the great Stuff you share. I really love it.

I gotta question. I am really trying to find the music used in '7 steps of kung fu' but my knowledge just isn't big enough. So far I only found out one trak its from John Budd's Sea wolves. Maybe you can help me out??

This does not have to be on you blog but you could e-mail me at Shaolincentrumhaarlem@gmail.com!



Hrangue said...

I'll look into it and get back to you... someone I know may know, or I may just have the info saved somewhere.

Glad you enjoy my work (and Klaus too... our work).